Citrulline Malate (200 grams)
Citrulline Malate (200 grams)



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Citrulline Malate (200 grams)

  1. 5/5

    Ok guys here is my review on CITRULLINE MALATE.

    Ok so first what is this stuff?
    Citulline is a non-essential amino acid and plays a big role in nitrogen balance and metabolic processes. It is found in some specialized protiens in the hair, skin and neural cells. It is mostly synthesized from glutamine and in the intestines but is also found naturally in trace amounts in some foods. It is a salt form of the amino acid.It is also found in fruts such as apples and enhances the effects of citrulline.

    So what does it do? Is helps with recovery from physical effort correlated to the disappearance of lactate from blood after performance at a high level of acidosis .. Which means you can train harder for longer!!.

    Ok so what did it for me and what are my thoughts?
    I think this is one of the most overlooked supplements out there. Its very cheap and last a long time.It improves all preworkout tastes ( all the ones I tried ). I train a lot longer and hardly ever got that lactic acid burn on leg days. Even my cardio was way easier on it too.

    How did I take it?
    At first I was playing around with homemade preworkouts and enjoyed doing that I would mix about a 1/4 scoop of preworkout with 2 scoops CM ( citrulline malate ) and about one teaspoon of beta alinine. This was not only fun but cheap and works well for me. Its not that convient though having to carry all this stuff around. After a while though I ended up just using a preworkout and adding the CM to it, only taking it on workout days.. ( they recommend taking it twice a day , just like beta alinine. ) I never did this.

    Ok so thoughts?
    Taste 7 : By itself,, different, kinda bitter and tart and makes me very dry mouthed, with a preworkout great. It seams to either sweeten the taste up or bring out the flavors or something to me.

    Effectivesness 9:
    Ok I think this stuff is great, I can really tell on days I did not take this. I just could not have those hard long training days. I do a lot of supersets and I really think this is a product that helps me from burning out so fast on those types of workouts. Not only this but It really helps on the pump too. They seem to be ( wet ) as others have described. My veins show a lot more on this as well. But I think where this stuff really shines is in the endurance end of it. I will say this the pump does not seem to stick around as long when you use this not sure why but they just dont.

    Value 10 :
    I got mine for 15 bucks and it has lasted forever!. You can get this anywhere from 15 - 20 buck and I think its a great deal no matter what. Although I would not pay much more than 20, but im a cheap old man.

    Overall: 9
    I really say this stuff is great I hate to give anything a 10 but this is as close as it will get. Great for cardio and great for a pump and endurance, hard to get any better than that.

    As I said I would take this with your preworkout about 20 mins before the gym and you should be good. I never got any stomach issues off this either. I know some stuff will kill your stomach at first but nothing at all here.

    And again One reason I knocked it down was because the pump does not seem to stick around as long when adding this even while taking nitrox ll. Not sure why it does this but Its like you would swell up and then sneeze and bam its gone.?

    Ok would I buy it agian?
    Yea if I get a deal like a found before.. I think if you have not tried it you should.

  2. does this come with a scooper ? lol

    Only way id buy the ****,its actually in my NP cart since last night

  3. Another satisfied PrimaForce customer. Love Primaforce!. Jay I'm pretty sure it comes with a scoop, serving size is "One Scoop". Sorry if that sounded like I'm being a wise ass.

  4. you def sound like a smart ass,i know serving size is one scoop,i can read,lol....and i know your LOVE PRIMA FORCE is directed at me,lol,no hard feelings..

    anyway in the next week or so imma order some COP and CM,both by prima force..have the items sitting in my cart right now =)

    hope that makes you happy

  5. It does somewhat because Primaforce needs more love!. I'm sure you make nutraplanet much happier though!

  6. trust me i dont make them as happy as you think...there not the only place to get supplements! =)

    Ive made like 3 orders with them about $50 EACH DONT THINK its doing much


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