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    Change of plans. I've decided not to compete in the USA's for 2008. I lost a lot of size trying to bring symmetry to the stage. I'm gonna go back to being TREY BREWER, just BIG! At least I know I can do the symmetry game if I have to but I sacrificed over 30 lbs of muscle to get there.
    My plans are to take off and not get too heavy in the offseason and put some serious FREAK size on! I will keep everyone posted!! Thanks for all the support!


    from his myspace.

  2. He's already huge as it is. Is he trying to join the 300lb+ club ?

    The problem is he was so hyped and this NPC Junior Nationals was a huge embarassment for him.

  3. Thats probably the best thing for him to do. He needs to get rid of that serious gyno he has also.

  4. i think its a good idea hes not doing it. Hopefully we will see him next year.

  5. he has time

  6. Quote Originally Posted by nickd84 View Post
    He needs to get rid of that serious gyno he has also.
    X2, both sides.

  7. i saw his pics.. what gyno

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    i saw his pics.. what gyno

  9. Here is a better pic of his gyno nothing a lil surgery wont take care of. Im just suprised he competed with that.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  10. i def see the lumps

  11. i feel sorry for him and i hope he can bring it better in his next comp.


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