Trying to get my wife pregnant with low sperm count

  1. Trying to get my wife pregnant with low sperm count

    Would clomid and novadex help?? Please help guys

  2. don't know about the nolvadex and clomid but MACA, Increases semen production, AI perform

  3. Depending on your age, I'd most likely just get Viagra and increase the frequency of intercourse between the two of you. Assuming the problem is only low sperm count, it's bound to happen eventually imo.

  4. This is in the bodybuilding section why?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by louvera820 View Post
    Would clomid and novadex help?? Please help guys
    Does your insurance cover seeing a specialist, like an andrologist that can advise you on what medications would be best to improve sperm count? That would be the wisest place to start IMO.
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  6. Re: Trying to get my wife pregnant with low sperm count

    The single best combo to help guys with low sperm count is an HCG + rFSH combo. Follistim, Bravelle and Gonal F are some of the names rFSH is prescribed as but it is very expensive which is why people always first try Clomid to see if they have any luck with that. You can directly stimulate sperm production with rFSH and it will work 9/10 times to get you to normal range, unless your sertoli cells do not function normally, but it can take time since sperm cells take over 2 months to mature. Ask your doc about it...

  7. HCG/clomid/nolva will all work


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