Is FLex BS

  1. Is FLex BS

    i just read a artlice in flex(9/07) and phil heath said he eats about 430 grams of proteina nd 3800 calories and he 225 pounds..

    im thinking.. i eat more food than him.. Am i over eatting? WTf

  2. He's currently dieting for the Olympia, so if those numbers are suppose to be what he is currently doing then it could be possible.

    Brolic, there is no such thing as over eating!

  3. you eat a lot.....but the question is....
    how much do you assimilate?
    what is your nitrients ratio?
    do you eat de addecuate meal at time?
    all of this is most important than how much you eat.....

  4. A.) Are you phil heath?
    -If not than why does it matter?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

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