AndroBulk or AndroMass

  1. AndroBulk or AndroMass

    Hey Guys. I am currently looking into doing my first ph cycle in a very long time. I am 33 and did a harsh cycle back in College and I screwed myself up big time. I figured if I could buy it over the counter then it was fine. Wish I took the time to educate myself like I am now. Anyway I am 33, 200 up from 175. I have been doing a clean bulk for about 6 months. Looking to pack on about another 6-10 pounds. I am wanting to know which would be best for me, AndroMass or AndroBulk. I chose these because of low sides. I am concerned about hurting my liver which these shouldnt, I am also concerned about shedding and possibly gyno. I don't think I am prone to gyno but I havent used PH in over 10 years. Which one would you recommend. Thanks.

  2. I personally think AndroMass is the better product, but you can get Bulk for buy one get one. If you prefer the mass, hit me up for a coupon.
    Just inject.

  3. To bad I bought the bulk before that deal...*rolls eyes*

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JD261985 View Post
    To bad I bought the bulk before that deal...*rolls eyes*
    Honestly, I couldn't have even warned you guys, we heard about it a day or so before hand.
    Just inject.

  5. just buy another one and run a 12 week cycle
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