AndroLean stack question

  1. AndroLean stack question

    Can AndroLean be stacked with 20mg/day Ostarine MK-2866 for a cut/lean gains stack?

  2. Yes, although it is unknown how absorption of the ostarine will be effected by the grapefruit carrier. Be cautious in your dosing.
    Just inject.

  3. ahh yes the ole grapefruit carrier , Good point I will start at 10 and move up


  4. Cool let us know what you think.
    Just inject.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy View Post
    Cool let us know what you think.
    Will do I plan on starting Monday

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dollar662 View Post
    Will do I plan on starting Monday
    Very nice, looking forward to it.
    Just inject.


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