AH/AM cycle. any thoughts

  1. AH/AM cycle. any thoughts

    Ok heres what I wanna do. I have some AAS left over. I kno all oral cycles arent the best but cant get anything else for a good long while. So i wanna use what I have with AM/AH since no stress on liver

    weeks 1-3 Dbol 20mg/day
    Weeks 3-6 AM/AH
    Weeks 6-8 Anavar 50mg/day

    Weeks 7-8 HCGenerate 10 caps/day Weeks 9-10 5 caps/day
    Weeks 8-12 Formestane or formastanzol 3-5 pumps 2x day
    Weeks 8-12 Nolva 20mg/day

    I don't think I will get a lot of shutdown so wasn't sure about getting a natty test booster. Wouldn't hurt. Any suggestions or would you steer clear of this cycle?

  2. I would save the AM/AH for weeks 6-8, I would skip the Nolva altogether and use pre-emulsified, Micronized, Resveratrol, 500 mgs daily. I would cut the dose of androgens by half, for the last part of the cycle I would use full dose AM/AH. This would be a great run, with minimum shut-down. JMO

  3. so you think d-bol and var at beginning of cycle with lower dosages? thought I had em pretty low as is? any other thoughts guys?

  4. If I was to run this I would use AM 8 to 12 weeks with dbol four week kick start then AH the last four weeks alone or with var. Pct I'd use Erase and DAA or if your feeling freaky clomid for the money shots.

  5. get more dbol, and/or get more var.....you cant do much with what you have
    1-3 dbol
    3-6 mass/hard
    6-8 var
    9-12 nolva

    the form and hcgen just drop.....form has no place in pct and i doubt a natty like hcgen is worth it.....even nolva i dunno seeing you have alot of androgens at the back end, clomid or torem would be better



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