turinabol, dermacrine, formestane stack

  1. turinabol, dermacrine, formestane stack

    hey everyone i plan on running a stack. i guess it is my first stack (i tried deca for 4 weeeks 5 years ago but stopped). i want to know what you guys think, make sure everything looks right.

    turinabol lv - 75/75/90/90/90
    dermacrine lv - 2mlx2/2.5mlx2/3mlx2/4mlx2/4mlx2
    formestane lv - 0/1mx2/1mx2/1.5mx2/2mx2
    with cycle support
    was thinking about running a 6th week at the same dosage but don't want to worry about shut down.

    the formastane i am using to combat estrogen during cycle, try to prevent gyno. i do not want to mess with serms as i cant acquire them. do you guys feel the formestane is necessary to add? will i also get benefits of adding in the demacrine and formestane or should i just run turinabol/dermacrine or turinabol solo?

    pct - trs as recommended
    maybe a test booster like dth (which i just finished a month ago), dtp or phytotest.

  2. I loved phytotest so I pick that one

    Stack looks good but what’s your goal with running this stack?
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  3. Formestane?....whats your goal? if your trying to cut, then throw in the form..if not you probably wont need it. dont worry too much bout gyno this cycle...unless you know you are prone to it.

  4. i heard gyno was a side of it. anyways that has been what i have been looking at most likely adding to my pct. how do you feel about the formestane and dermacrine added in and there benefits? and do you think i should go 5 or 6 weeks?

    my goals are just to add lean muscle, get cut up although im not really fat. it says you can put on 10 with turinabol, i am thinking i would maybe get a little more with the formestane and dermacrine stacked? i am kinda lanky and want to get my chest strength up. it usually falls behind. my buddy who power lifted ain school is going to train me 3 days a week.

  5. I would have ran sd if going to power lift, Halo never gave me as much strength as sd but I can see a good size strength gain, very low sides and crazy libido with this stack. Please keep a log; I'll be interesting in your training while on this stack as well as weight gained.
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  6. i definitely plan on running a log. i haven't seen anyone talking about running this stack. i am just hoping it isn't too much and is good.
    it will only be power lifting m/w/f. he does a 3or4X5 with a chest, shoulder, back and leg exercise.
    i have never done any powerlifting and am going to do this the days with him and go back on tuesdays and thursdays and do my normal regime which is focusing on muscles we haven't been doing, bi's tri's and certain isolations for other muscles etc.
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    You shouldn't need the formestane on this cycle mate, although if you feel you need it you can always add it in once you start.

  8. maybe i should'nt order the formestane then. i thought it would have an added benefit but it seems like the money/benefits may not be worth it.


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