Strongman training routine

  1. Strongman training routine

    Just wondering how you guys set up your workout routines. Mine looks like this:

    Mon: Bench
    Tue: Squat
    Wed: Conditioning/GPP
    Thur: Overhead push
    Fri: Deadlift
    Sat: Events

    I also do auxillary lifts each day.

    I would like to try and work a westside type program around strongman training and want to see what you guys think. Really just interested in how my fellow strongman set up their workout routines.

  2. Mine's varied a lot, but I had good success with:

    Sunday - events
    Tuesday - squat
    Wed - pressing (mainly overhead)
    Thurs - DL and back

    I've been trying to add in an Olympic lifting day now and I don't feel like I've found a good blend yet. But man I love the Oly lifts.

  3. Yeah I like to mix in some oly lifts too. It's hard trying to fit all of that into a westside program. Probably going to try and develop a hybrid type program myself.

  4. i dont really compete yet but mine is
    mon: squats,log clean/press,romanian deads
    wed: dips,chins,grip, gpp
    fri: deads, tbar row,rack pulls
    sat or sun:sled pull,gpp

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