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  1. Cool hardcore workout

    does anybody know of a good workout regimen i could get on? i've been working out for a few years now, and i've hit a plateau. i know i need to change things up, but i'm not exactly sure how to do that...any suggestions?

  2. What are you looking for out of the routine? Strength training? Definition? Size? It would help a lot of the guys on here to recommend one based on your goals.

  3. i would like to gain size first and then maye get cut later. but, as for now, i need some size!!!

  4. Personally I've recently had good results with an HST routine, and Max-OT program did good as well. Either should be easy to look up, although Max-OT is easier to follow.

  5. You could look at the Korte 5x5 program and make some modifications to suit your needs.

    It is a good heavy program with lots of volume.

  6. 5x5
    3 Times A Week


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