1. Lightbulb Workouts..

    Beelz and I have decided that were going to start to post up dates of our workouts starting in the next few weeks. I thought this may be a good way to get guys thinking about their workouts and not SD, HD-50 or any of those other anabolics. And I think that most guys here agree (at least I hope you do) that with out good training and sound nutrition you wont make it to your goals, no matter what anabolic you take.
    This will give newer guys a chance to see how vets workout and ask questions. It will also allow guys to look at each others WOs and see if there is anything they can incorporate into their workout.

    So I invite all of you to start posting your workouts in either the Exercise Section or the Powerlifting section.


  2. It is a sad stte of affairs indeed, so many people start working out and within a matter of weks start taking SD, PP, M1T, Ergomax or what ever else. Just today wile I was at work a guy came up to me and told me that he just started working out about 2 weks agon and plans to start taking PP in 2 months and I told him he should wait at least a ew years to try and reach his the upper limits of his genetic potential and he was pissed. I use that just as an example of how many believe that they NEED prohormones or other things to get any kind or results at all. I even tried to expain to this guy how using stuff right away would in the long run limit just how much he would grow but he did not want to hear it. I know I want on a bit of a rant but it is annoying to see beginers jumping on stff right away.

  3. preaching to the choir brutha. that's the exact same bitch session i had a couple weeks ago. noone wants to work hard anymore. take a pill and it'll all be fine.

  4. People are just plain lazy for the most part



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