Benching weakness

  1. Benching weakness

    Hey guys having an issue when I go for monthly 1 rep on 531 when I get this heavy my arms seem to collapse toward my head so I'm bench more from my neck rather then from my lower chest. Almost like my whole upper body is scrunching up. Can anyone tell me what type of weakness this would be and what secondary work I can do to Proventil it. Right now for secondary I do close grip bench and cable press downs on ohp day, and on bench day I do incline bench and dips.

  2. Well, one cause is that your training max could possibly be incorrect and be too much. Are you using 90% of your 1RM? That "1 rep" on Week 3 should be a challenging but easy rep, as it's still submaximal.

    Are you tucking your elbows and engaging your lats when you bench?
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  3. Get some video. It could be some minor cue that you're forgetting.
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  4. Sounds like you're not getting your back tight. It is likely NOT a weak point, but rather a form cue. As the guys above have already diagnosed. If you torque on the bar as hard as you can using your lats, every weight from the bar to 50lbs over your max should touch in the same spot.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Get some video. It could be some minor cue that you're forgetting.
    Unfortunately I just did bench yesterday, I guess I could throw in a set tonight to show it.

  6. Do you feel the instability in your elbow or shoulder?
    Do you feel weak or unstable?

    If it's weakness, probably related to tricep strength.
    Stabilitywise, could be rotator cuff or poor setup regarding scapular stability on the bench.

  7. it could be a number of problems. you could have a weakness in your many stabilizer muscles. that could be fixed by just working with more freeweight type movements.

  8. Collapse on the way up or from the jump?

    And I agree, post a video for the best help.
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