Help with training routine

  1. Help with training routine

    Hey guys,

    So I've been lifting regularly for about 6 years now and have slowly progressed into more or less a powerlifting routine. I have no intention to compete but I am a student and working out with the goal of getting stronger helps keep me sane. I work out 7 days a week, heavy reps of 4 on nearly everything and frankly my body is taking a beating. I know I'm overtraining but I hate taking days off. The following is my routine, if anyone has suggestions on how to restructure it to maintain at least 6 lift days a week and save my body some punishment it would be greatly appreciated. Or feel free to tell me I'm an idiot and suggest where to implement rest days.

    Sun: bench press, dumbell bench, incline dumbell bench, declines/negatives (rotated every week)

    Mon: barbell rows (forward and reverse grip), weighted pull ups (close and wide grip), bent over dumbbell rows

    Tue: standing military press, upright rows, seated dumbbell military press, shrugs

    Wed: deadlifts, straight leg deadlifts, heavy abs

    Thur: close grip bench press, weighted dips, rack lockouts (alternate wide and close grip)

    Fri: barbell curls, weighted chin ups, supinated grip pull downs

    Saturday: squats, box squats, leg press, barbell lunges

  2. upper/lower/off upper/lower/off. 2 days off a week, I know it sucks but you might need that. just find something to do on those days to lift-go ride a bike or work out core or something
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  4. I would incorporate an off day or two. Progress isn't made while your in the gym it's made while your resting and recouporating. When you constantly bombard your body with the stress that comes as a result of the stressor, lifting, you never really allow for full adaptation and the ensuing gains.

  5. I have noticed that alot of guys around on here reccomend a program 5/3/1 but I have to be honest I don't know anything about it, not even how it's structured. My only advice on that program is it may be worth looking into as I have seen many threads promoting its effectiveness. On another note I have always been a fan of Louie Simmons and the westside methods if you are looking more twoard powerlifting. Also recently I followed a program called PHAT (power hypertrophy adaptive training) which is Layne Norton's, and was extremely pleased with my gains. Either way there are hundreds of established programs out there just make sure they are backed and grounded in science, do some research and trial and error is the rest. Best of luck, and I hope I was able to point you in the right direction.

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  7. look into the westside template. it just looks like 4 days a week, but you can easily do conditioning, mobility work, and extra volume for weak links.

    check out this thread. pages and pages of how to implement westside:
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