how these stats look?

  1. how these stats look?

    So im 17 weigh roughly 165lbs, about 5'11" and bodyfat pretty low i wanna say around ten but i dont know how to calculate it exactly but anyway heres some of my lifts
    Bench Press 225
    Squat 275 for 4 reps
    Deadlifts i got 300 but i feel like i could get 315 now that i think about it... And i just started doing these two weeks ago!
    Clean and Press 175

    So let me know what you think or anything I need to work on! i realize Im nothing special but always wanting to be!!

  2. compared to? a past self? against a powerlifter or olympic lfiter or bodybuilder? or....

  3. eat more and remember form is more important than anything. alot of new lifters cheat themselves out of real gains because they want to be strong to fast but youll be alot stronger in the long run if you start right. be consistent and youll get there.. your defenately not a weakling for 17 but you got a long way to go.

  4. yeah sorry not really comparing to anyone just in general haha but ok yeah I'm gonna do mad cow 5x5 and hopefully by the end of the three months ill be deadlifting
    400 bench 275 and squat 375... i mean I'm really close to being the strongest in my class but i just don't weigh much at all i mean the only really stronger guys are weighing like 190s 200 so i need to get up there

  5. Your stats aren't bad what are you planning to do?

  6. Im not really sure what I wanna do i mean if i do decide to try and compete or anything like that I won't be deciding until i get quite a bit stronger but yeah just curious if u have any tips for me or routines or any of that?? that would be very much appreciated

  7. Well. For routines I like 5/3/1 and westside barbell. They work well For me.

  8. Your young, keep at it and eat big...that ll be your best bet on increasing size and strength

  9. Focus on your technique under the tutelage of seasoned vets for the next 2-3 years and then re-assess.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. yeah i just increased my deadlift to 325 today and maybe could have got 330... lo

  11. 335 deadlift now

  12. Do 5x5 till you stall than switch to westside would be my advice
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  13. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    Do 5x5 till you stall than switch to westside would be my advice
    you love that westside dont you

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Steelwolf View Post
    you love that westside dont you
    yeah cuz you always changing **** up so it doesnt get boring
    Quote Originally Posted by sgodjuicehard View Post
    What's westside
    just google it, youll find it easy
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  15. Quote Originally Posted by sgodjuicehard View Post
    How do these stats look 20 year old on gear. Liften 225 3 to 5 reps. I'm almost 5 7. and I deadlifted 315 once the other day ... Also I'm 175 current weight ** u no on or off cycle it varies my original weight was 165 164.. squats are terrible. I'm tryna know what weights u guys think I should b liften achievements reps- maxes etc.
    Are you being serious?

  16. OP your doing just fine. Don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Keep making small gradual improvements and be consistent. At 17 you have all the time in the world. Keep lifting hard and smart. By the time your 20-25 you will have some very impressive numbers.

    It's cliche but it's not a sprint it's marathon.


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