Power Band Question

  1. Power Band Question

    I trained for the first time in a long time with bands yesterday. I'm trying to get a rough idea as to the poundage/tension that the bands added at the top of the lift while bench pressing. We used a mini band (not monst mini) and the band size up one from the mini on each side. They were about an inch wide. We did not choke thebands. We actually doubled them up on the bar. Any help will or info would be appreciated.

    On side note I did get 515 with my new Titan super Katana which is way more than i was expecting to get at this point in my training since i have not lifted in a shirt since 2004.

  2. I'm thinking doubled mini's are in the 80-100 lb. range at the top. A set of doubled light bands is ~180-200 lbs. at the top. If you had both you probably had at least 250 lbs. at the top. Just be careful as I've found alot of band tension with benching tends to beat up my shoulders and elbows so I can't do them for more than about 2 weeks in a row.

  3. Thanks for the info

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