what a little embarresment can do

  1. what a little embarresment can do

    ok so i went into the gym tonight already was in a pissed off mood. girl situation is a mess, had to mow the lawn b4 going and its like 90 degrees. didnt really have plans for tonight. last day off... i was going to do rack pulls and go and these ppl are doing BO rows on the power rack .

    So i said **** it im just regular deadlifting. warmed up did 135 185 225 285 315 then pulled 370? i think it was without straps anyways used the straps for 435... and i pulled it and yelled idk why and then got stuck half way and was like hell no no way im letting it go and i locked it out.. wow seemed like a 3 minute long!

    soo pumped for that im getting real close to 455 which i wanted by the end of summer and i still got june july august to go. 7 pounds a month dont seem to hard at all!
    just wanted to brag a bit but mostly say thanks to everyone for the help around here cheers.

  2. You must have been in the zone if you don't know if you were using straps or not. Ugg pissed off. Ugg lift heavy things.

    370 is f*cking strong weighing 170, keep it up. I'm afraid to ask, but how was form? Did you rock and roll to lock out or did your feet dig a little deeper into the floor?

    What's wrong with rows in the rack?
    Don't drink the haterade on BO Rows, save it for curls in the rack.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  3. i was hating on the rows in the rack its just that lik 5 ppl were rotating in and out and it took forever for them to finish lol... and i meant i couldnt remember if i went 370 or 375... i didnt use straps i used straps for the 435 i needed em lol.. but without strap max and chalk im only like 10 pounds lower.

  4. Solid lift man. You should be pulling 455 in no time.

    (Btw, rack holds work magic on grip strength. Especially since your strap vs. non-strap lifts are in 10 lbs range)

    That's what is great about the gym, imo. No matter what sh*t is going on in your life, when you're there it's only you and the weights.

  5. i love the weights man its like how football players feel every sunday.. i workout its the biggest adranline rush when im lifting esp max effort days.. when its over all i can think bout is the next workout.. i love. no girls will ever keep me out the weight room thats for damn sure.

  6. Lifting is definitely awesome therapy. You have those ****ty days the woman is pissing you off. I just go in, put on some metal and an hour later I feel great. **** paying some head shrink


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