eh Deadlift help please

  1. eh Deadlift help please

    Well im looking to increase my deadlift can someone show me good exercises that will help with video/pictures? Im good exploding off the ground but its the middle where I need help. Thanks

  2. you're 6-4....what'da expect

    i'd do more hyperextensions, good mornings, and rack pulls so you're starting at where you're the weakest!

  3. Thanks I got 395 up at a meet and trying to improve it. What are goodmornings tho?

  4. youtube it..its a modified hyperextension. basically doing them while standing. still heavy rack pulls would be my main focus if you are powerlifting.

  5. Rack pulls. Good Mornings. Ab work. Gotta build those abs too if you want your lower back stronger.
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  6. rack pulls.
    SFW and GFH

  7. i did heavy ass abs.. started out doing crunch machine on like 100 and worked up to in the 200 doing maybe 3 got weird looks but when i did those combined with goodmornings since june my deads gone up about a 100 pounds.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    Rack pulls. Good Mornings. Ab work. Gotta build those abs too if you want your lower back stronger.
    agreed! good thread i love threads like these
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