Taking time off advice

  1. Taking time off advice

    What's up, AM?

    So I decided that I will be taking this entire week off, and maybe next week depending on how I feel.

    I've been powerlifting for about 19 weeks (Bill Starr's 5x5 Intermediate), 3 of which have been Bill Starr's advanced.

    I should have at least finished up the 4th week and took my break during the deloading period, but as of now, walking up the stairs has become an issue.

    About a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with plica, "The plica is a fold of tissue in the knee joint. When it gets irritated from overuse, swelling and knee pain can result."
    I've had 2 steroid shots in my knee to reduce the pain but my OS is refusing to do anymore.

    Since I've been power lifting, the pain has gone into both knees, and even worse, both hips, favoring the left hip.

    Keep in mind, my left knee was the one diagnosed with plica.

    The only solution is, of course, surgery. The worst part is my regular OS is not, and will not be in his office.

    I'm just really scared, nervous, and depressed about going back under the knife only because of the time off and the losses I will most definitely suffer from.

    I had surgery on my left shoulder about 3 years ago, and it took a LONG time to really recover. I'm 18 now and I am definitely getting the most out of lifting.

    I am just worried about getting fat, losing muscle, and losing strength. I understand I am still young and some of the greatest and strongest lifters have gone through a HELL of a lot worse than I can imagine.

    Any advice would be appreciated and stories would DEFINITELY be comforting.

    Thanks alot.

  2. I feel you man. Haven't been able to work out for two months so far b/c of torn shoulder lig.

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