First Cycle Ever: 19-Nor and 4-AD...PCT suggestions please!

  1. First Cycle Ever: 19-Nor and 4-AD...PCT suggestions please!

    I've been doing a lot of reading into prohormones and have decided to go with BigCat's "Economic Cycle for Beginners":

    "Week 1 through 8, use 250 mg of 19Nor after breakfast and again after dinner and take 500 mg of 4-diol 45-30 minutes prior to workout or 250 mg after lunch on non-workout days." - Big Cat - An In-Depth Prohormone Guide!

    I was thinking 8 weeks 6-OXO + ZMA?

    Also...I know BigCat's article is old...still valid?

    And one more thing...what exactly do I need to take with 4-AD and 19-Nor to help with absorbtion? I am taking both orally? I was planning on taking both with fish oil.


  2. I hope you have the 4-AD and 19-nor already (or live in a country like the UK where you can still get it).

    As an aside - I think 4-AD is better transdermally.

  3. Yeah I have them both. Any suggestions for post cycle and what to take with them (i.e. things that help absorbtion) much appreciated!

  4. I'd suggest a SERM for PCT - I prefer Toremifene myself.

    On absorption - maybe AX's trisorbagen (or however it's spelled).

    Other than fat - I'm unsure what you'd take with a non-methyl like 4-AD and 19-nor.

    BTW - how old are you?
    First cycle?

  5. Never heard of any of those! Is 6-OXO not strong enough for a PCT? I do have nolvadex available to me.

    Yes first cycle.

  6. I hope your using the real stuff and not some AMS crap.

  7. I would use a SERM if using 4-AD and 19-nor. Not downing 6-oxo, it has it's place, but first cycle and with that stuff - go with nolva.

    Torem is better - not as bad on the liver and is better at getting the boys back for me.


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