Double check

  1. Double check

    I want to double check and see what you guys think. I am going to do a Havoc/Furazadrol cycle and this is how I am going to run my SERM along with the other required support. I was going to run the havoc 20/30/40/40 and the Furazadrol at 150/200/200/200. I'm running the dose a little higher due to my weight of 245. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks to the guys that helped me get it to this point.

    Week 1 : 40 mg (Tamoxifen citrate)
    Week 2 : 40 mg (Tamoxifen citrate)
    Week 3 : 20 mg (Tamoxifen citrate)
    Week 4 : 20 mg (Tamoxifen citrate)

  2. Looks good! throw in a natty test booster around day ten and a cort blocker at around day 14 and you should be gravy!

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