I'm about to start and i need to know if i'm leaving anything out

  1. I'm about to start and i need to know if i'm leaving anything out

    so here is what i'm going to go with:

    week1: 10/20mg
    week2: 30mg

    i really don't want to go past 30mg to try to keep sides to a min. i'll be taking life support, multi vit., milk thistle

    post cycle


    days 1-3 120mg torem., 200mg 6-oxo, days 4-7 90 mg torem., 300 mg 6-oxo
    week2 60 mg torem., 500 mg 6-oxo
    week3 60 mg torem., 500 mg 6-oxo
    week4 30 mg torem., 600 mg 6-oxo
    week5 600 mg 6-oxo
    week6 500 mg 6-oxo
    week7 400 mg 6-oxo
    week8 300 mg 6-oxo
    Ill be taking 2 caps PCS throughout pct

  2. why only two caps of pcs and not four during pct?

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