What would you do with this "box" of supps?

  1. What would you do with this "box" of supps?

    Gonna run 3 weeks of M1-A and would like to hear opinions for "on" and pct after reading everything I have available(feel free to add anything not listed). Already have hemaguno, promagnon, etc.. experience under my belt so I have a clue but just like to get varied opinions.
    The "box" contains-nolva, milk thistle, saw palmetto, hawthorn berry extract, grapeseed extract, cranberry fruit concentrate, supercissus(cortisol reduction), zma, novedex xt, sizeon, superpump, tribosten

    Of course protein, glutamine, glucosamine, msm, multivitamin will be taken regardless..

  2. anyone?! Bueller? Bueller?

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