need pct erection help!!!!

  1. need pct erection help!!!!

    ok guys so i just turned 21 I,m 6 ft 192 at 8% and i am experienced with training, dieting and supplementation. Now i have taken superdrol before and that has destroyed my erections in the past even while using pct. I'm a sex machine now lol because this was 2 years ago and i also take tribulus all the time. Now i want to take all the new stuff like epi or hdrol really bad but i have a girl and my erections cannot be comprimised. I really do not feel like taking cialis (i never have but have taken viagra after superdrol) so what will help? Will proviron help during pct for that as also some would say it is not supressive in small doses. This is the only reason i dont take prosteroids please help, thanks brothers

  2. Have you tried Post Cycle Therapy by AI. It worked wonders for me in that area after my cycles.

  3. well i just never want to even se it go down so basically what i am trying to say is a just want a nice pct where i wont notice any eection problems

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