Needing nolvadex on TRT, urgency?

  1. Question Needing nolvadex on TRT, urgency?

    How urgent is it to run nolvadex once you get signs of gyno?

    My situation is I have been on Andriol(oral test undec) 2x2 a day always taken with 30 grams of fat, I asked for nolva from my endocrinologist and he said I wouldn't need it at that dose. My symptoms started on the 9th day, it is now the 13th day. No other doctor is able to help not even other specialists because its unethical of them to interfere with hormone replacement therapy or they have never used nolvadex for this reason(I feel lies).

    I have already halved my dose to 1 capsule twice daily which has helped a bit, my nipples are no longer sore and itchy but they are still puffy particularly my right one.

    I heard gyno only requires surgery if it is left for over 6 months and that any gyno before that can be reversed with arimidex or nolvadex.
    So I am confused as to how urgent my situation is.

    At the moment now I have 2 options, I can either wait 2-3 more weeks and have about an estimated 30% chance I wont be given nolvadex anyway for ethical reasons. Or at the risk of tainting my credibility and trust with my doctors I could go to a random doctor and tell them I have just come off a SUS250 cycle and my nipples are hurting like hell, something I don't want to have to resort to unless you guys think its urgent.


  2. I am currently experiencing the same problem, sore nipples, tingling/burning sensation. I think your best chance is to drive up to Mexico and buy some, that's what I did.

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