Throwing in RXT benefitial?

  1. Throwing in RXT benefitial?

    I was wondering if I could fit RXT into my PCT for a 3 week m1t cycle or if it is even necessary? This is what im going to run for sure

    week 1

    Nolva Milk Thistle Tribulus Coq10 Fish Oil
    60mg 2000mg 900mg 2 caps 4 caps

    Week 2

    40mg 2000mg 900mg 2 caps 4 caps

    Week 3
    40mg 2000mg 750mg 2caps 4 caps

    20mg 2000mg 500mg 2caps 4caps

    my question is, would it be benefitial to throw in the RXT @ 50mg daily for the four weeks of PCT? If so when? Currently I take the 1/2 the nolva before breakfast and 1/2 everything else after, I do this again at dinner time. I thought maybe i could add 1/2 the RXT dosage with each dose of nolva, any thoguhts on this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Have you run past post cycles with nolva alone? If you have and it was a success, then no sense in changing anything. Im not a big fan of RXT, for the simple fact that its horrible on my libido.

  3. I'd suggest reading up some more on RXT and it's use in PCT. I know a year ago it was all the rage, now it seems lately the more I read the more negative comments there seems to be on it. jmo

  4. I don't have a problem with ATD per se. I use it in certain circumstances but deff not in an already estrogen depleted environment like say, after a 3 weeker of M1T. It is not the AI's fault that people experience crushed libidos, it is just doing what it is supposed to and effectively, lowering estrogen. Too low of estrogen will kill libido. Just take some Letro, you will see. The trick is to strategize your use and keep the dose low. The idea is to CONTROL estrogen not DESTROY it.

    That being said, have you used M1T before? Sh1t can have some nasty sides especially without some test or 4AD in the mix. If you can't get those you may try some TST. Can't say if it is enough to combat the sides but in theory it should help and as far as I know it is the only OTC product right now that might.
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