I have a few cycles before me, used clomid first with no real effects to help recovery...
After that, I tried hcg+nolv, and was very impressed with this combo.

Now, I've read the Anthony Philips, BigCat and Dr D advices about PCT, and I'm trying this after the following cycle :
w1 only : 50mg adrol ed (had to stop this **** due to sides : vomiting, lethargy )
w2-4 : PP 20mg ed
w1-4 : masteron 100mg eod
( +8lbs, very good strength gains, no noticeable water retention after the 1st week, with the anti-e properties from masteron)
w5-6 : 2 x 2500iu hcg/w
w5-10 : nolv 20mg ed (80mg the 1st day of PCT only)
w5-6 : 20mg exemestane ed (when on hcg)
w5-8 : retain (3 caps/d)
w9-11 : aslavital 5ml eod (injectable version of the GH3 stuff from Dr aslan)
+ all year long 50mg forslean

I'm on the 1st w of this PCT and have already recovered my nut's size, thanks to the hcg.
To be continued...