How to convert Milliliters to Milligrams ? (Pls respond)

  1. How to convert Milliliters to Milligrams ? (Pls respond)

    Most oral droppers are labeled with ML's but most dosages are given online in miligrams.


    120mg days 1-3/4
    90mg days 4-14
    60mg days 15-21
    30mg days 22-28

    This is my plan for toremfine, but most oral droppers online are all in milliliters.

    pls respond.

  2. that solely depends on how many mg per ml there are in your product.
    so let's just say it has 30mg/ml then you'd need 4 ml for your desired 120 and so on and so on.
    so it just depends on the concentration of your particular product

  3. 3600mg, 60ml <---- Thats the bottle concentration bro.

  4. that's not a concentration.. do the math.
    3600mg/60ml = 60mg/ml there you go.

  5. jesus christ i feel retarded....



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