Proper pct after MutantPlexx cycle?

  1. Proper pct after MutantPlexx cycle?

    Not my first ph cycle. I've run sd, lmg, dmz, cynostane in the past but have never used a serm for pct. Stupid, I know. Thank goodness I've never had any issues other than losing most my gains. Anyways, I'm about to run a cycle of MutantPlexx and want to run a proper pct. In the past I've just ran some Erase, DAA and similar otc supps. Should I get Nolva or Clomid or both and at what doses would be best? Anything else I should add while I'm at it? Thanks.

  2. The stack will look like this:

    halo 75mg

    lmg 75mg

    epi 30mg

    M-bolone 15mg

  3. Both. Gonna need a serm bigtime. We sell that stack in the shop I work at and guys gain a ton from it. Pretty harsh on ur body but if u wanna blow up quick it does the job.
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  4. Will I need an AI on cycle?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Flaboy239 View Post
    Will I need an AI on cycle?
    Probably not. Epi will take care of that.

  6. Awesome. Any suggestions on what my nolvadex/clomid cycle should look like?

  7. You have both or deciding on what to get?

  8. I have neither at the moment but was planning on buying both. Just not 100% sure how much of each I'll need.

  9. Both should work great based on feedback from users on'll only need though one I think...and there's a third I think you should consider researching..Toremifene.

    These are non-OTC products so I am solely passing on info from users and their experiences from what I've read. See your doc for the real deal.

    Another useful link from these forums.

    No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT


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