An AndroEnhance bridge/taper into pct trial. Solo (almost)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy

    Im assuming it is the low hormonal enviornment causing lethargy before he applies the enhance and notices its benefit.
    That would be my guess. The AE/ form combo lifts my mood as well, not that different from the way Sustain would make one feel.

  2. I have about 9 days left on the AE. I have only been doing 2-3 pumps a day of the formasurge so plenty of that left. Last few days have been feeling great. High energy, mood, and motivated. I upped my carbs a bit and changed my timing and have actually been looking a little more full, and others have noticed as well. I daresay I look about the same as when I was on, with an extra 2-3 % bf. The high spirits and energy I have had lately has me hoping that natty t production has resumed (fingers crossed). Sex drive is still so-so, but seems to be improving.

    I am thinking I will drop the Clomid in a week, finish the AE, and stop the form a few days before getting some bloodwork, about a week post AE. Then see where I stand and go from there. If any of you have any other suggestions on bloodwork timing I am all ears.

  3. Things seem to be a success..Interested in seeing the bloodwork
    Just inject.

  4. This is awesome looking forward to blood work-Matt
    Body Problem Mechanic
    National Level Competitor.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MattPorter View Post
    This is awesome looking forward to blood work-Matt
    Yeah I consider the bloodwork to be the final piece is showing this was a success.
    Just inject.

  6. 1st off I just want to say what is going in with the raid sucks. Primordial Performance should not be in anyone's crosshairs.

    Had a fantastic workout today. Chest and shoulders. I am going to start re-incorporating cardio into my routine tomorrow. I had stopped almost all cardio in hopes of preserving mass, which has certainly been accomplished.

    Cooked 2 lbs chicken, 1 lb tuna, 2 cups Brown rice, 1 lb roasted potatoes, a bunch of asparagus, broccoli, carrots, and a bag of sliced almonds and mixed it all together with a can of cream of mushroom soup. My hungry man mix for the next few days.

    Also want to add that if there is anything that I can do to support PP let me know.

  7. Raid?
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  8. I just read all the updates from HTS and Matt. I am dismayed. Again I want to say that if there is anything I (we) can do to offer support let us know.

  9. Been off of the AE for a few days now, nothing notable to report. Energy levels are normal, sex drive still so-so, and muscle mass seems to have dropped slightly from the beginning of pct, which is no surprise really.

    Am still going to get bloodwork, probably toward the end of next week, for anyone interested.

  10. Hope the bloodwork goes well my friend.
    Just inject.

  11. Thanks HTS, bloodwork has been ordered, so should have results by wednesday. Have been off Clomid for almost two weeks, and stopped the form a few days ago. I really have not noticed any drop in performance. Hopefully that translates into good things. And also HTS I've been following things over at SS under an alias, the board is looking great. Already has a lot going for it.

  12. glad to hear man I hope to see good bloodwork. can you pm me the new website for pp?

  13. Clear your pm's and I will

  14. Bloods have been drawn so will have results hopefully Friday, but probably next week. Will post em up when I get 'em. Until then everyone have a fantastic holiday and try not to put on too much fat!

  15. good I can't wait to see man, I might use this for a future run

  16. Alright fellas I got the results back this morning surprisingly. Unfortunately I am with my family for thanksgiving and am doing this all from my phone, so I can't post the scans yet. But the results were eye opening.

    Basically, everything is within normal range. I am in perfect health.. except for one thing. Serum testosterone is 86. Very very low. LH was at 2.1, FSH at 1.8, both low end of normal. Estradiol at 12.4, also low end of normal.

    Now this suggests a few different scenarios:

    1. By using AE I was simply extending my cycle. By not coming off all external hormones, I was just keeping things suppressed longer.

    2. Since I was 'on' for so long, recovery is going to be a looooooong process. Being suppressed for so long means it will take time plus a much more aggressive therapy.

    Now keep in mind that just because it did not work for me does not mean someone else might have different results. Like I said I was on for a very long time. I do believe recovery is still very achievable, being that LH and fsh are coming back. With a more traditional pct given my current #s, recovery should be within reach. As long as no other androgens are utilized of course.

    What this did do for me is make the transition into a traditional pct seemless. Despite very low hormonal levels, I was motivated, energetic, functional, and felt great. Would I do it again? Yes, just not from a recovery standpoint. But to go directly from high androgen levels to nothing at all would have been much more 'traumatic' for lack of a better word. The smooth transition alone made this experiment a success in my eyes.

    As soon as I get access to a pc I will post the full scans.


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