OTC PCT question, specifically about h drol

  1. OTC PCT question, specifically about h drol

    I'm sorry, I know there are about a billion threads to this affect, but every question gets about a million answers, and they all seem a bit different. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm confused. I'm tossing around the idea of getting into this whole PH thing with some H-drol. I've been reading and reading, and like this one because it's so mild. I have no plans what-so-ever to get into anything more serious than that. (I know, I can almost hear the lol's out there, but that's the plan.)

    The first draft of my plan includes h drol along with AI cycle support. This will be used during my planned spring cut to help maintain or even add lean mass. But the main concern, of course, is PCT.

    I'm wondering what you incredibly smart people think about going with a testopro/stoked stack as an OTC PCT. Reviews seem solid, and I'd feel more comfortable going with a single company to optimize the combination of both parts of the stack, along with the cycle support.

    To be honest, if this all gets too complicated or there's too many questions about my personal health I'll just say screw it and stick to the fork and iron for my muscle fix.

  2. After reading up over on the OTCPCT website I'm thinking about adding 6-oxo 3 weeks into PCT. Is that redundant since I'll already be running PCS/stoked?

    BTW, after a long discussion I got the OK from the wife to give this a go. It took a lot of convincing. She made the comment that she wants to be the only one in the relationship with boobs.

    I'd like to assume that everyone's silence means this is a good idea, but I'd prefer not to assume with something this important. anything?

  3. I would do:
    Test Booster
    Cortisol Control Supp

    My suggestion
    inhibit e
    PCT Assist
    Suppress C or Reduce XT

    on cycle use Cycle Assist. Its cheaper than Cycle Support and its capped for added convenience.
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