Possible fix for failed/no/delayed PCT?

  1. Possible fix for failed/no/delayed PCT?

    I've read 5 posts (one being my own) on the front PCT page about either not fully recovering after PCT, delayed PCT, and no PCT. Essentially everyone is asking "what now?" I've always heard of HCG but never heard of anyone having success with it after one of the above scenarios.

    With it copying the Luetinising Hormone it causes the testes to produce testosterone. That description makes it seem like the miracle that everyone is looking for but its leaving me with a few questions I hope to have answered.

    1. While it seems to do exactly what we need, could it be a permanent fix?

    2. Has anyone, in one of the above situations, had success after HCG?

    3. If not the same, what would dosing be for each scenario?

  2. Im really interested in this info too if anyone has input

  3. If PCT failed or you didnt PCT, I would suggest doing another PCT. If you use HCG standalone for an extended period of time you will desensitize the leydig cells and you dont want that. I would suggest clomid ran for 4 weeks or nolva ran for 4-6.

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