1. Overkill?

    Coming off a 6-weeker, and I've always been one to kind of overkill on the PCT side. Not exactly trying to be "better safe than sorry", but I'm always looking to continue my progress in my training and conditioning throughout PCT.

    Have some leftover goodies, and I'm not one to hold out on spending money on supplements... it's where I like to spend my money... on the body.

    1. Tomoxifen Citrate @ 20mg
    2. Sustain Alpha
    3. Thermolife T-Bol @ 4 caps ED, until it runs out (about 1/3 or the bottle remaining)
    4. DTP (Diesel Test Pro-Cycle) @ 6 caps (5 days on/2 off per week)
    5. Prime @ 9 caps ED
    6. EndoAmp Max
    7. Toco-8
    8. Powerfull

    I'm aware that I've gone past the point of diminishing returns, but hey, I dig it. Much rather spend my money here than on something worthless. Any conflicts here though? That's really what I'm trying to find out.


  2. I dont think you need sustain alpha, t bol, and DTP. Arnt they all test boosters>

    nm just saw you dont have much t bol left.

    Looks good tho. expensive as hell but nothing really wrong with it if u wanna buy all that **** or already have it lol.
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  3. Thanks for the reply - yes, already have it all, some leftovers from previous cycles and some I thought could only help in the mix.

  4. Jesus....are you sure you have enough there? you're not running Test/Deca/Tran for 16 weeks you know

  5. jesus thats lot of crap.

    well idk what everything is but a basic pct template is

    ai / serm - you have nolva
    test booster - i assume one is in there some where
    and optional coritsol blocker
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