Hello, a question for you pros.

  1. Hello, a question for you pros.

    So please don't flame me I'm just looking for an answer. I'm not into anabolics simply because I'm not big enough to even use them but need some help from people who know what they're talking about.

    So I started training about a year ago and a buddy of mine was super into supplements. I wasn't but learned alot about stuff from him. I asked him what I should get to get started, he told me about a product that had just come out called ICON. I did some research and I thought ICON was some sort of testosterone booster but my old "buddy" said basically you will be fine just train really hard and you will see the results, claiming the product helps you lose fat and build muscle. Couldn't get much better in my mind...

    So I bought some and took the first pack of tabs. I felt super ****ed up and started to get hemroids raging out of my ass.

    Long story short...I need to know if a PCT can be taken so long after I took ICON simply to balance my ****. I feel like everything is ****ed up and am super mad I took this stuff. Did a little research and found out you need a PCT, then had to figure out what the **** a PCT was.

    If anyone could tell me if this could help it would be appreciated.

  2. whoops sorry didn't know swearing was censored.

  3. Can anyone help me out?

  4. Can you post the ingredient profile so we can see whats in it? And are you referring to ICON by Star Chem Labs?

  5. Yes ICON by Starchem Labs

  6. checkout 11-oxo im almost positive Icon didnt cause all of that..
    but i could be wrong.

  7. Ok, I checked out 11-oxo and it said that it does lower testosterone levels. Would something like reversitol even now help with regulating my test levels?

    **Mainly what I am wondering is, say person A has no problems with their hormones. Person B does. They both take a PCT such as reversitol.

    Person A has no effect. Person B's hormones are regular again.

    Is this how it works?

  8. how long is this after stopping icon? I dont think a product like reversitol is what you're after. You'll probably want a research chem like tamoxifen or clomiphene.. Hopefully someone else can chime in.

  9. Its about 8-9 months after stopping icon. I didn't even finish the box.

    Would taking a PCT like reversitol make it worse? What I mean is, would it be worth a shot taking it as it couldn't do me anymore harm, or could it make things worse?

  10. no ones chiming in...
    8-9 months should be enough time to let your body regulate itself..
    superdrol on the other hand i'd think not. I dont think reversitol is what youre after..

  11. you need to describe what feels ****ed up. Your nips hurt? ur balls are still shrunk? Your libido is down or cant get an erection? You just feel bad?

    Can go from clomid to nolva, chances are if its 9 months out of using it and ur not self regulated yet you are going to need to do a clomid therapy test restart. that is assuming you are still shut down.

    Go to your doctor say you took a supplement u didnt know what it was and u want to get you hormone levels checked. Ask for all the testosterone estradiol LH FSH T3 T4 and a complete metabolic panel. This will give you all the levels you will need to go furhter into how to fix whatever problem you have. DO NOT tell you doctor it involves testosterone or you willingly took a ph or steroid or anythnig as this can cause problems with insurance down the road.

    Simply say you feel different after taking it.

    And no reversitol isnt going to cut a 9 month shut down, its a waste of money and could potentially cause more problems. You have to identify what the problem first. Not to mention reversitol (although it has some good reviews) has its ingredients listed as matrix's which means you really dont know how much of what is in the actual pills.

    Get more specific on what you need fixed to feel back to normal and get a blood test, you want a good natty test booster? Sustain Alpha is a great one. Other than that we need specifics to help.


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