When should you use an anti-aromatase?

  1. Question When should you use an anti-aromatase?

    I am starting my second week on P-Plex running 20/20/30/30/30.. I have nolva for PCT but I want to know when, if any, is a proper time to take an anti-aromatase? I read the sticky thread on pro-hormones and P-Plex has a high conversion rate for converting testosterone into estrogen

    Products I have on hand:
    Novedex XT
    Suppress C (for Cortisol)

    I read that Nolva and an anti-aromatase can be taken together, for your PCT, to prevent losing any mass or strength gained during the cycle. Actually, the article mentioned to start the anti-aromatase at the beginning of a cycle and continue through PCT with novla. The link is below but you need to add http www and htm at the end cause Iím not able to post websites. Anyone who can help me out and clarify this matter, much appreciated


  2. I'm no expert on this, but I think AI's are mainly used during cycles with compounds that aromatize (P-plex in your case). There was some discrepency as to whether or not to use them during pct because they have the potential to suppress your estrogen way too much. After a cycle, both your natural testosterone AND estrogen is shut down so adding an AI may just make it worse. Personally, I've used formex starting the 3rd week of a previous pct inversely to clomid and it seemed to work well. No gyno flare up, nipple sensitivity, etc. I hope someone with more knowledge can shed some light on this.

  3. "All steroids: estrogens, androgens, corticosteroids, etc, are derivatives of the molecule cholesterol. To produce estrogens, both male and female bodies produce androgens, specifically testosterone, and use an enzyme called aromatase to convert the testosterone into estrogen.

    A part of the brain, the hypothalamus, detects circulating levels of various hormones in the blood. When it senses that estrogen levels are low, it trys to increase the level of estrogen in the blood by signaling for an increase in testosterone. The hypothalamus knows that if it increases testosterone, then more estrogen will be produced because of the testosterone to estrogen conversion caused by the aromatase enzyme.

    An aromatase inhibitor stops this enzyme from doing its job. The hypothalamus trys to raise estrogen levels by signaling for an increase in testosterone hoping it will convert to estrogen, but this does not happen becuase the aromatase inhibitor prevents this. The result is increased testosterone and decreased estrogen."

    Found this on another website, not sure if I need to site or not. However, it still doesn't help me know when I should take an anti-aromatase. From what I have researched, I will use the Nolva immediately after my cycle (not sure yet on dosages, anyone with experience, advice). I'm assuming I'll run this for approx. 4-5 weeks something like 40/30/30/20/20 of the nolva. After the second week I will add an anti-aromatase and continue past my nolva for about another 1-2 weeks after I finish my nolva dosing. I think I will use the Reversitol by iForce Nutrition, seems it is a better choice to help get my hormones to their natural production levels.

    Anyone with more experience please shed some light!

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