ATD vs 6bromo (advance PCT) for epi PCT

  1. ATD vs 6bromo (advance PCT) for epi PCT

    I had the following idea:

    Epi pulse - 4 week

    M,W,F, 30mg for each dose
    off days 25mg of Advance PCT (6bromo)
    2 weeks of Advance PCT at 50mg a day (2 capsules 1 at morning and 1 at night)
    1 month of Activate Xtreme and Cortisol Blocker

    HOWEVER, I've received a lot of mixed info.

    1: is 2 weeks of PCT enough for a 4 week pulse?
    2: which is better - ATD or 6bromo. Apparently ATD causes test production faster but there is a risk of ostrogen rebound which is why tapering is required whereas 6bromo is slower but seemingly lacks such as risk

    help guys!!!

  2. 1. no. PCT should be as long as the cycle was plus one additional week for luck.

    2. 6-Bromo all the way. ATD messes with the androgen receptor in a bad way.

  3. how would you dose the 6br?

    2ng gear which is 6br is run at a steady dose for 30days (50mg/day i believe) but reversitol which contains 6br is tapered.


  4. bump for any additional input to dosing and length

    thanks guys

  5. I would just dose 6-bromo at 25 mg per day and only up it if you feel the need to suppress E further. You don't want to hammer down E to extreme low levels, that just makes getting off an AI a nightmare due to E rebound.



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