When to start and How to Dose PCT

  1. Cool When to start and How to Dose PCT

    I am 6 days into taking KRYTONITE 2 pills a day. 12 hours apart. Morning/Night.
    Supplement Facts:
    Serving Size: 1 Capsules
    Servings Per Container: 60
    Amount Per Serving
    5a-etioallocholan[2,3-c]furazan-17b-tetrahydropyranol ether 50mg
    19-Norandrosta- 4,9-diene-3,17 dione 30mg
    2a,3a Epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol 10mg

    I plan on using NOVEDEX XT as my PCT.
    60 Capsules
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 1 Capsule
    Servings Per Container 60
    Amount Per Serving
    Proprietary Blend 60mg
    [6, 17 Keto-Etiocholeva-3-Ol Tetrahydropyranol]
    [3, 17 Keto-Etiochol-Triene]
    [3', 5, 7-Trihydroxy-4'-Methoxyflavanone]

    My questions are:

    When should I start taking NOVEDEX?
    How should my dosage be? (2pills in morn and night for 1 week, then...)
    How long should I take NOVEDEX for?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. u should start nolvadex 3 weeks into pct...which means after 2 full weeks of using a SERM first. u have 3 compounds, 1 being a tren compound. get some clomid.

  3. I planned on using only NOVEDEX XT as my PCT.

    Will this not be enough?

  4. nope...and ur not ready yet...it seems u have done no research

  5. Well I've done some reading through these forums and gained a lot of knowledge. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a post with the specific products I'm taking. That's why I posted this thread, for answers to my specific questions.

    Please don't shun me bigpapa, if you know something about these products please share.

  6. That product is a designer steroid cocktail. Most would recommend a SERM after running any one of these compounds alone (debatable, of course). But this kinda stack, definitely run a SERM for PCT.

    BTW, what is your experience with DS? If this is your first run, I would advise against any kind of stack.

  7. Yes it's my first run.

  8. I just noticed you're already into the cycle. Well then, I guess it's too late not to run it, unless you wanna cut your cycle short. The one thing you have going for you is that the doses of each compound are fairly low at 2 caps/day.

    Get a hold of a SERM ASAP. Clomid or Nolva. Research and figure out which one you want to run and at what dosages. I would recommend Clomid since, like bigpapa stated, there's a Tren compound in there and along w/ the other compounds you might get shut down hard depending on how long your gonna run it. You can also run Clomid+Nolva, fyi.

    Unfortunately, I can't give you any advice on Novedex XT, I haven't used it.

    And for future reference, it's probably a good idea to gather all your info, PCT products, and suggestions BEFORE you start a cycle. Good luck bro

  9. Thanks for the info man. Definitely moving me in the right direction.

    I have been reading a lot about Nolva and Clomid, seems to be the consensus pick. I'll read up more before I make a decision I can get a serm in 2 days, but I read that Novedex XT was a estrogen blocker. That's why I bought it and planned on using it as my PCT.

    What is the normal dosage of a PCT? Do you taper up/down/both? I'm sure it depends on many things, but these bottles have very little info about dosing. WTF?

    Again thanks for your comments.

  10. Novedex XT is basically ATD. It does block estrogen and, in turn, stimulates test production via the negative feedback loop.

    Regardless, the basis of any PCT should be a SERM. It protects from gyno by blocking estrogen receptors and stimulates endogenous test production/HPTA recovery via the negative feedback loop as well. But SERMs are just much more effective at doing this than OTC products.

    Run your PCT something like this:
    Clomid: 100/100/50/50
    Novedex: 0/0/2/2/1/1

    Notice I threw in the Novedex starting week three. The reason for that is in the beginning of PCT your test will likely be low because you will be shut down, therefore there is nothing to convert to estrogen. By week 3 however, Clomid should be getting your test going in full swing again, and estrogen will follow in order to maintain homeostasis. And to slowly ween your body off the SERM and/or AI you wanna taper down to prevent estrogen rebound and give your body a smooth transition into homeostasis

    BTW, are you taking any support supps? Milk thistle, hawthorne berry, saw palmetto, NAC etc?

  11. You are definitely hooking me up with good info thank you for your time and patience.

    No I am not taking any support sups.

    I'm getting afraid of taking a serm after reading this:
    The Definitive guide to Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Connman View Post
    You are definitely hooking me up with good info thank you for your time and patience.

    No I am not taking any support sups.

    I'm getting afraid of taking a serm after reading this:
    The Definitive guide to Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
    No problem, dude. Since you already started your cycle, no point in leaving you hanging.

    First of all, GET SUPPORT SUPPS!!! Not sure about the furazan, but the Epi and Tren in Kryptonite can negatively affect your blood pressure, liver and cholesterol. Since this is probably news to you, I suggest getting an all-in-one product like Cycle Assist by Competitive Edge Labs or Cycle Support by Anabolic Innovations. They both provide pretty much everything you need for on-cycle support. Buy a bottle or two and take it immediately and throughout your cycle. Ideally, you wanna start taking it a week before your cycle, throughout your cycle, and through PCT. Do your body a huge favor and take support supplements.

    As far as that thread, don't let it scare you away from SERMs. There is some good information in there but it is an advertisement. As stated in that thread, they recommend stacking your SERM of choice w/ their products, which from what I've read are great. They are just too expensive for me, but to each their own. You could just as easily stack your favorite SERM w/ any other test booster or cortisol blocker on the market.

  13. Sounds good. I'm getting cycle support asap.


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