I just got off of a phera plex and methyl masterdrol cycle. 2 months, phera first and masterdrol second.

I started off my PCT with 50mg of nolva and 100mg of clomid. Bumped clomid down to 60 (Higher doses screw with my emotions) after a few days and I have been tapering since then.

In the past 3 weeks of PCT, I have made better gains than on cycle. Diet is the same (slow cooker ftw) and sleep/stress is the same. I can't figure it out. After the first few days of PCT I lost a few pounds (Down to 209 on a normal day) but my squat went up 30 lbs. My dead is up 20. My bench is up another 20-ish.

Now, I know I am no hoss so I'm still prone to make jumps in weight. But I can't understand why, while losing weight, I am getting so much strength. Hell just last night I put up 295 for 5 reps in bench with clean reps and 315 for 3 benching clean. A month ago I would be lucky with 1 rep at 315. Based on the weight I am doing now I am on track for a shirted bench around 370lbs.

Can anybody give me some insight? I am thinking I should just run cycle of nolva and clomid after these gains