Tapering down Arimidex

  1. Tapering down Arimidex

    After a 12 week Test C 500mg/week cycle, with 0.5mg Arim ED, I am back on my 200mg/every-2-weeks Test C HRT. I've been tapering down the dose of A-dex because I know the estrogen receptors are up-regulated. I went to 0.5mg EOD to 0.25mg EOD, to 0.25mg E2D to 0.1mg E2D, with a week's time for each lowered dosage. But as soon as I stop 0.1mg E2D, I noticeably feel like crap, and need to start it back up again. Depression (the most bothersome), bloating, (but not really any tingling or soreness in gyno, which is good).

    Was my taper down protocol not good? Did I take too much to during my cycle? What can I do to stop using it and not feel like absolute ****?

    Also note that there was no point of nolva/clomid to restart HPTA since I'm on T replacement anyway. Or unless you can tell me otherwise?

  2. So I decided to live through the symptoms and not restart the A-dex. It took an entire week, I felt like ****, but I'm back down to baseline now, and feeling pretty normal. Phew. Guess it takes a little while to desensitize the E receptors and your body to figure out it needs to up its production of SHBG. Bloating is down too. All in all I think my taper down protocol was good, but may still need to be reevaluated for next time.

    It must suck being a female, estrogen has some nasty effects. I felt like a bitch on the rag, honestly, (no offense though), and my **** was totally limp too.

    Feels awesome to be a guy, doesn't it?

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