Dca-the Cancer Drug You Can't Get !!!

  1. I just read about that drug. It's old and long off patent. And so people are saying because it is off patent, it won't be researched. That's not true. Her's a few things to consider:

    1) patents are on use. That means that there's a good chance that the first company to file for a patent to use DCA to treat cancer will get the patent. Depends on how the patent is written. Might require some lobbying.

    2) Even if not patented, Universities and governments do research all the time. Many universities are extremely likely to get funding from either government or altruistic organizations in order to conduct studies.

    3) If not patented, all clinical trials on the drug done by seperate organizations can be shared allowing for the cost of the trial process to be shared. This will also result in more transparency.

    4) Most important of all, it might not even work. It's only shown promise in vitro and in some rats. There are TONS of drugs that have shown promise in early stages only to fial miserably before even making it to Phase 3. Also note that DCA has resutled in some nasty sides in a number of people when it was used for Lactic Acidosis. Stuff like acute nerve toxicity.

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