F**cking Gas Prices

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by not_big_enuf
    The point is that we, as the consumer, can't do anything about it so why complain about it? We take for granted that we are on top of the food chain and yes, we have given ourselves every right to have every convenience. Gas prices have been on the rise for years but until it directly hurts us we do little about it.
    Adjusted for inflation and excluding temporary price spikes due to market uncertainty, mostly from wars in the middle east, embargos and unstable political situations in other areas where supplies originate, the prices of gas and oil haven't risen much if at all. That doesn't mean other factors can't make price 'rises' due to this or that factor harder to bear, but the situation is more complex than looking at the price then and now.

    Sorry, it just irritates me that I hear constant complaints but few do little but keep going to the pumps. We live in a country where we DO get whatever we want and have so much we forget about it. Spoiled? Yep. But at least I realize it.
    Spoiled? No. Spoiled implies you're getting something you didn't work for and don't really deserve. Americans have busted their asses for years and historically are one of the most productive populations that ever existed. Our productivity is for the most part in line with our energy consumption. Americans have every right to complain at the pumps, they just usually have no idea why they should be complaining. They blame ExxonMobile, not the government and their own stupidity in voting for people who have regulated, inflated and warred us into a pseudoshortage.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by judge-mental
    who told you that? have you ever been to europe in your life?
    Many times. I have family all over the continent. Most of whom live in tiny houses or apartments and who hold jobs which, if they held them in America, would allow them to afford a much higher standard of living. Perhaps the statement was a bit hyperbolic, but the fact remains heavy socialistic and flat out socialist policies cause the squandering of vast amounts of resources and cause a permanent missallocation of resources that leads to a semipermanent economic recession. The more extreme the socialist forces, the more extreme the recession until it falls apart in an overall collapse.

    not only that, oil (As we know it) will run out at about 2030. lets see you than talk about how we should keep with the oil.
    I don't recall saying we should keep with the oil. I do recall saying several times that market forces should be allowed to work as they do for every other resource. This would allow the smoothing out of price fluctuations as speculators cut current production in anticipation of future needs. This would also allow a realigning of the overalll business models used by petroleum companies so they are not so present oriented. A good start would be to eliminate freedom of the seas, allow ownership of offshore resources, stopping subsidies and tax breaks for exploration, etc.

    Oil didn't mean anything to the ecnomy until recently. It used to be nothing but black sludge in the ground, an unwanted side effect of mining and other endeavors that required digging into the earth. Someone found out you could use it for a lot of things, it became big. If oil does run out in 2030, which incidentally is such a spurious claim it really doesn't even merrit a response, another resource will be found, another form of energy will be used. Doomsayers have been proclaiming the end of the world is nigh for millenia, always claiming that this or that resource will run out and then we'll be in for it, or if people don't stop behaving this or that way, then we'll be in for it. They've claimed wide scale economic collapses, starvation, worldwide armageddon, global warming, global ice ages, etc. In the history of the planet these doomsayers have never been right. Never. Excuse me if I don't get all panicy at the latest group of chicken littles because of a slight increase in the price of gas.

  3. what countries are those, if I may ask?

  4. ss01 = the man with the broken hands...
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  5. It's not *MY* POS chain letter. Yeah, this will bankrupt oil companies. People will lose jobs.

    I just put it there for those people who are looking to "do something". Look : it's easy : gas prices are rigged on the international market. SOME people are getting ultra-rich by ripping the consumer off. The price just DOUBLED. Do you realize that? DOUBLED.

    *SOME* people do something else than bending over and taking it without even asking for petroleum jelly, even though it's now double the price too, I'll bet...........

    Is it *THE* answer? Nope it obviously isn't.

  6. Okay guys either play nice or find a new playground to bash each other..

  7. You got a Delorian that runs with a Mr. Fusion that I don't know about? You can just trash like Dr. Brown to run your car?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    You want to bankrupt oil companies?

    You want people to lose jobs? I'm sure that would do wonders for gas prices huh?
    While I do relate to you not wanting anyone to talk bad about your chosen line of work, people are getting very pissed off with the way that things in the oil industry are being run.. Yes there are some things that are out of our and your company's control but at the same time the whole blooming industry is choking the planet to death and killing all of us finanically and literally.. so sorry if some of us don't see things the exact way that you do

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  10. Matt - sorry for the tone in my first post in this page.

  11. Personally I just wish we had a alt to gas myself.. besides footpower

  12. You got a Delorian that runs with a Mr. Fusion that I don't know about? You can just trash like Dr. Brown to run your car?
    No, but if people were *really* concerned there are plenty of ways to save gas and money.

    Stop running around town in that goddamn Excursion, for one. Most vehicles made in the past 5 yeas can, with only some slight modifications to the engine management computer, run on straight ethanol (E85) or a good mix of ethanol and gasoline. You can build an ethanol still in your backyard if you're motivated enough:


    Any diesel car can be made to run on used vegetable oil, and you can convert vegetable oils to a diesel-like fuel with a few simple chemical reactions.

    One argument is that that these solutions are beyond the reach of the average person. I say bullsh*t. Unless you physically CAN'T (dont have your own place or are physically unable of implementing the above or similar solutions) - anyone can invest the small amount of money and time it would take to make their own fuel.

    At the very least, drive a vehicle that is more economical.

    People want cheap gas. They want cleaner burning gas. They also do not want chemical processing plants anywhere near they live. These 3 goals are not quite the same. You obviously need to locate a plant where you can attract quality workers. And cleaner burning gas requires more complex equipment that costs plenty of money. This equipment does not allow for more throughput of motor gasoline. So, being that we are all public companies and we don't have arcane price caps as in China, end product prices will rise as gas becomes cleaner.
    I have to agree with jmh80 to a point. Everyone wants their cheap gas. Everybody wants easy access convienience and a cheap non-renewable natural resource that for decades we have been cautioned to conserve. Well, that's obviously not going to happen anytime soon.

    Chain letters? No offense bro I feel your frustration but that's not the answer. DO something about it! Its no use pointing the finger and oil companies, the mid east, etc. We LET BigOil (whomever that may be) and OPEC put a piano wire around our ballsack. For the past 100 years someone's been getting filthy rich off petroleum. Everybody knew that. But now that every car on the damn road is a <20MPG SUV and we use oil for *everything* - someone decided it was the perfect time to yank out the rug. You reap what you sow, and we've been planting the seeds of petroleum dependancy for the past 50 years.

    You bend over long enough, someone is going to give it to you in the ass.

    The options are there, if enough people implement them there will be positive results. Im not saying everyone build a still in the backyard of fuel up at the grease trap at McDonalds - but there are plenty of ways to conserve fuel and save money.

    I know it sucks, but there other options out there besides whining about something you hopelessly can't control.


  13. gas in toronto tonight: $1.269 CDN per liter....that works out to $4.03/gallon USD!!!!

  14. Freaking crazy! Its over $3.00 at some stations where I live. Funny thing is, some stations are charging upwards of $3.30 and others are still $2.85 or so. What's up with that??


  15. Gas prices in muslim nations as of yesterday:

    IRAQ: 5 cents a gallon

    Iran: 40 cents a gallon

    Saudi Arabia: 91 Cents a gallon

    Kuwait: 78 Cents a gallon

    Egypt: 65 Cents a gallon

    Venezuela: 12 Cents a gallon

    oil shortage my butt!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    Freaking crazy! Its over $3.00 at some stations where I live. Funny thing is, some stations are charging upwards of $3.30 and others are still $2.85 or so. What's up with that??

    5.67 in atlanta

  17. 5.67 in atlanta
    That's insane! That will probably come down sooner than later. It looks like some gas station owners are jacking up prices because of the catastrophe in New Orleans.


  18. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    5.67 in atlanta

    I filled up last night @ 2.65

  19. It costs OPEC $4 a barrel to produce and market, and they are selling it for about $70 a barrel. Just doesn't seem right. It was just 6-7 years ago that we were paying about 99 cents a gallon.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    5.67 in atlanta
    Jesus H. Christ I thought I was getting robbed at $3.07 for the cheapest gas I could find.

  21. 2.99 for me today

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  23. Quote Originally Posted by D_town
    It costs OPEC $4 a barrel to produce and market, and they are selling it for about $70 a barrel. Just doesn't seem right. It was just 6-7 years ago that we were paying about 99 cents a gallon.
    $.89 in 1999 tonight $3.29... both Jersey and Pa. have laws where gas prices can only be raised once every 24hrs... guess what $3.09 on the way to work $3.29 on the way home! Now the gas cops are out and about over this price gouging my ass... out and out robbery!!!!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by judge-mental
    what countries are those, if I may ask?
    The Netherlands, family in Delft and Amsterdamn. Cousins in London, and some aunt in Sweden I haven't seen since I was twelve. but I do remember she was a lawyer or whatever they call them in Sweden, and lived in an apartment, not a home. My father tried to explain to me why at the time, I didn't get it until later.

  25. Some things:

    Gouging is a myth. If you were selling your car and the market allowed you charge a higher price, you would not be gouging anyone by doing so. Nor is anyone else for charging a higher price in a market with severe strains on supplies at this point in time. Higher prices serve a purpose: conservation. The higher the price the less people will use, the lower the strain on supplies. If companies were forced to sell at previous prices without regard to market conditions the information communicated by the price, that the oil and gas market is a bit ****ed at the moment, would not make it through to consumers who would continue to buy at their old levels. That is a sure way to a major shortage. I'm not driving as much as I used to, because gas is higher. Everytime I see it go higher still I say thank God, maybe more people will start getting the point. The higher the price goes the more economical alternatives become too, and that should make greenies happy.

    D-Town- $4 bucks to produce and sold for $70? I don't know where you got those figures, but say they're true. Rubber dog **** costs less than a quarter to make, sells for around five bucks. Rembrandts cost the price of a canvas, some oil paint and some hours painting by a dead guy to produce, they sell for millions. Diamonds don't cost too much to bring out of the ground, and unless they're being used in a saw of some kind have very little utility, however they sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars. The price of production has nothing to do with the price of the finished good, the only fixed relationship between the two is that if there's a demand for the finished product the price of its production can never be bid up higher than the price of the finished good. Sometimes the gap is big, sometimes it's not. And those prices of gas in the middle eastern countries don't take into account the massive government costs, governments there being heavily involved in the production. If I charged you 5 bucks per gallon in taxes and 'sold' you gas for 5 cents, I wouldn't be doing you a favor.

    Like it or not in a free market we determine the price for something. It's a balancing of utility; how much are we willing to pay for something, and is that in the range of utility where those who produce it will find it worth doing. Like it or not, the chain letter almost had the right idea. Don't stop buying for a day, buy less over time. I've stayed at a few friend's houses the last couple of nights because one, I was drunk, and two, I'd rather drive to work from their house witch is closer to my job than mine. 10 miles vs 30 miles. If people don't stop consuming at their current levels the oil companies have every right to assume they are willing to pay current prices. Just as if a rubber dog **** merchant charged 6 instead of 5 bucks for his good and the same amount of people bought, he'd have every right to keep the price there. If they bought less over time he'd better lower the price quickly and deal with a lower profit margin. It's an interesting phenomena, but lowering the price of something doesn't always increase sales, and doesn't always increase sales enough that volume sold makes up for the price drop. Revenue would still decline. People can only affect this situation by not buying as much as they used to over time, not striking for a day. Or, more likely, they'll vote themselves free gas and then we can look forward to a real shortage.

    For me personally, I hope the price keeps rising. I'm sick of the old bitties in my office setting the thermostat at 100 degrees and still walking around complaining how cold it is in there. Never wanted to smack someone so bad in my life. High oil, gas and energy prices in general might put an end to that at least.


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