Alex Jones: Sets The Record Straight and Reaches Out to The Military

  1. Alex Jones: Sets The Record Straight and Reaches Out to The Military

  2. heard about this **** on the radio just a bit ago. makes me sick. this needs to stop.

  3. Inform all your veteran and military friends

  4. Apparently I'm the number one enemy as well as any Vet..there's a lot of things I could elaborate on but I'm not. Alex Jones is a worthless a$$clown that uses the words like Values, Honor and Integrity on a daily basis like it's a punchline......people are silly.

    There's crazies to the left and the right.

  5. Alex Jones is like the tabloids. For all the **** he spews, there is sometimes a gem. Like how some tabloid was the first place to report John Edwards had a mistress like a year before anyone else got wind of it. Hes just fun to listen watching JFK.


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