Poll: How do you train your neck?

neck development? - lets see some pics

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    whATS a bridge?

    its a wrestling thing. You can use the strength of your neck to create a bridge, as in not letting your shoulders get pinned to the ground. So you pull all your weight, and the other guys on your bum/legs, plus head,and your neck has to handle all that stress.

    Workouts for this included that machine where you use your head to move it while keeping body still.

    Also going tripod on your feet and the top of your head. Then using your hands to hold yourself up(for protection) and lowering your head side to side, back and forward forcing yourself up.... also laying on your back, then doing the maneuver like practice increases your strength...

    Wow its been so long since wrestling....man do I miss those days...

  2. apparently they did

  3. Quote Originally Posted by warbird01 View Post
    LMAO, that IS Ronnie...

    lol, i guess pistonpump just thought richard's face was "cuter"

  4. I do shrugs, but deadlifts seem to do a good job also!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Speedbacker View Post
    Jeff King has the thickest neck I have ever seen in a human being. Scroll down in this thread til you see this freakin thing!!!

    Perfect example of why Downs Syndrome children should not be given steriods

  6. holy ****... kings neck is massive. that one poster was right... he looks like a PEZ Dispenser lol

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    I wish I had a big neck...I think this is another one of those genetic things, though. Kind of like calves and forearms.
    Agreed. I always was fortunate in the traps/neck department. however, dont get me started on the friggin calves
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  8. Quote Originally Posted by brywal312 View Post
    LOL.... I saw a scrawny ass guy at the gym yesterday training neck... He had a leather head harness on connected to the cable weights. Half the people in the gym were pointing and giggling at how messed up it looked this guy pulling the preacher curl seat in the cable rack to work neck. It was all I could do to not laugh myself because of just how messed up that head harness looked on that tiny guy straining to pull 10-20 lbs...

    laughing at a guy training...your a cool dude. i am sure you exagerating that you actually "laughed at" him, because that is something anyone decent wouldnt do. great exagerated story man! douche...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by SFW View Post
    holy ****... kings neck is massive. that one poster was right... he looks like a PEZ Dispenser lol
    He looks like a moron. Regardless of the rest of his body lol.

  10. shrugs 4 sure

  11. I have just started training mine twice per week on the Nautilus neck machine at my gym. 4-way, no adjustment required once you set your resistance and seat height. I am measuring at 16.5" right now relaxed, about in line with my arms and calves like others above said. Anyone want to buy my Ironmind neck harness for cheap? I just don't use it any more because this neck machine is a one stop shop and I already have a ton of stuff in my gym bag.


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