dead lift

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  1. dead lift

    This is me dead lifting last night. I ripped some skin off.

  2. Nice Pull, DJ! 585?

    How much do you weigh?

  3. LOL I wish I lifted that much. They are 25 pounders. It is almost close to 300 pounds. I weight 126 now was at 130 few weeks ago but had not gone to the gym for a week or two. 4 reps at 4 sets. I forgot my straps that day and I was low on chalk. The nice thing about that gym is I got to stand on a olympic platform to do my lifts.

  4. Hey, still a great pull especially at 130! I should have noticed that the bar wasn't bending a little! Keep up the good work!

    That Oly platform is cool.

  5. I just recently switched brands from nature made Isopure to Shaklee's physique work out maxmizer and I have noticed the difference. The price the physique is not common since I am use to the 10lb ON whey bags but I am working out a deal right now to get physique at a lower cost. Im going to buy in bulk to get the cost down in the future with 5 of my buddys.

  6. Thanks guys.

  7. Hey Jim, Congrads. good pull. How much weight exactly is it?

  8. I believe like 270 or something. I just remember yelliing I am close to 300 pounds I am close to 300 pounds than I ripped some skin lol.

  9. Thanks John for your support.

  10. Yeah you know it brother. Keep it up. deads are my favorite exercise out of the big three and one of my favs

  11. keep up the intensity and what sounds like a good work ethic, start eating meaty food like it is going out of style. Don't forget to sleep..... u will grow

  12. the bar should be in your fingers, not that high in your palm.

    good lift btw.

  13. Deads rock. Throw in some rack deads every now and then. I feel like my CNS gets too taxed if I dead heavy too often so I incorporate te rack deads. Good pull, over twice your weight!

  14. I did 355 easily today. nEXT TIME iLL TRY 365. Im two hundred pounds

  15. Thanks for the tips and motivation.

  16. your grip is perfect.

    i dont know what dude was talking about

  17. hooking your fingers (not hook grip) is better than gripping the bar way up in your palm.

    hard to explain. but basically the bar should be in your fingers, not way up in your palm.

  18. i stand corrected, you are right :hot:

    a peace offering

  19. Thanks for the 411.

  20. Dude if my gym had those big 25lb weights I would use them for every thing... haha ... curls, bench, crushers ... you name it I would have a absurdly large about of plastic covered weights on the bar …

    Good pull brother, scrapping your self up doing deads is common … if my shin is bleeding a callus on my hand is … I love it! GET SOME!!

  21. That pic made me :huh:, then . Good job though, great lift! I wish I could pull double BW.

    My shins are hamburger the day after DL. I love it, I get lots of odd glances when I wear shorts. I haven't shed blood since a couple months after starting DL: I guess form is much better even when I'm on my last rep.

  22. 12 x 25=300 + 45 (bar)=345

    Yes it is almost 300, but it is also more.

  23. Wow I was wrong. Thanks for the correction. I just know my freind sorta forced me to do this amount of weight and since he did it I kinda figured if he can do it I can do it too.

  24. The first time I benched 275, I thought it was 225. I was working out with a friend much stronger, and neither of us noticed that he did not take off the cookies after his set. Just goes to show how much of a mental component there is to lifting...nice work.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by hiker78 View Post
    hooking your fingers (not hook grip) is better than gripping the bar way up in your palm.

    hard to explain. but basically the bar should be in your fingers, not way up in your palm.

    I will throw my $.02 in maybe it will help.

    For some the hook grip is very effective. They feel they get more explosive power from the double overhand grip. It is very painful, can not do it myself. I prefer the one over one under. About one inch beneath your fingers below your caluses you have a life line looking mark. Put that on the bar then turn your wrists and cinch your hand around the bar so as to compress your caluses into the bar. The bar is then resting on the top part of your hand not high in the palm. You will never drop one. It is painful at first, but everything worth it usually is.

    Nice DL by the way.


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