Picture sucks but it the only one I have

  1. Picture sucks but it the only one I have

    here is what I looked like before I started
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  2. Looks good bro, any after shots?

  3. very thick bro, definitely... got some good arm size to work with.

  4. No not yet but i will when I finishing my cycle in July of t1pro, the new burn free test, & winny I will post those shots than Here is one of my back it is not real good but I least you can see the abs and lower back need much work
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  5. alittlewhiteboy
    alittlewhiteboy's Avatar

    you are one wide **** lol. . . you got hella size to work with. .. def. be sure to post those pics a soon as your done. .

  6. AlexParty
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    great size in mass, keep it up bro. What's your lbm and bf?

  7. Hella-thick! Yep, lots of potential here, love to see you when your shredded!

    Keep up the hard work and keep us posted!


  8. Well I lost some weight I am down to 218 My bf was 16.2 when I was 220 so I am not sure what it is now but will be getting it checked this week

  9. Well I guees I lost some water I am down to 218 and 16% Bf I will be trying to get down to 10% as my finale goal.
  10. AlexParty
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    Are you eating fewer calories? How your cardio training?????

  11. I am just at bellow maintance level on cardio days and I stay around 2800 on workout days

  12. Good work, brother.. Wish I was 200 at least..

    Post some after-shots when you can..

  13. Pete you look 200 you moda****er

  14. Originally posted by RaulJimenez
    Pete you look 200 you moda****er

    The true meaning of the sport of bodybuilding is the illusion factor..

    New pics, brother!!

  15. I will when I finish my next cycle
    in July
    EQ 400MG 8 weeks
    winny 30mg 6 week
    t1 pro for 8weeks or maybe drol 50 mg for 6weeks not sure if I want to try this stuff but I can get it dirt cheap less than 2.00 a pill and around here that is cheap

  16. thick bro...lookin very thick

    hey pete your boobies are lookin bigger LMAO


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