My Quest for a sixpack

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by jonboon
    i went and checked out the DSCC weight room, its small but really nice. do you know if there is a place where i can mix my protein shake at the gym?
    yeah just mix it in the gym.

    everythings going very nicely. My body is comfortable or accustomed to my low-lower carb lifestyle. Im into the groove (my body is used to it) it took about 2 months for my body to adjust(everyone's different) Since i am used to low carb i want to keep it up since the hunger/food gravings/etc is not a situation anymore. Now there is a time when you need to refeed (or itll be counter-productive); however my intutuion tells me to keep going lower carb , but not too long. On wednesday ill do a refeed day(thats back day). I took some pictures upon awaking and will update them later today, after i get the 3 hour postraining window in.O yeah it feels fantasic.


  2. i talked to shelly female bodybuilder thats a friend , that has competed in bodybuilding, she said i need to do weighted ab work to build my abs. as you can see i dont have very muscular abs. On the other hand you dotn want to build the ab muscles too big. look at some of the rather have the abs along the lines of Frank Zane , or Arnold then of lets say King Kamali.Victor Martinez wrote that if you do too much ab work itll dicend your stomach and that makes sense because if you build any muscle too much itll stick out. The abs are not a muscle you want super big; however it is good to have some muscle down there. Applying this to myself i'll use weighted abwork intill i get my abs a bigger.

  3. those pics look awesome!

  4. Im proud to say im doing this anabolic free. Not many people have the mental discipline or have what it takes to do it anabolic free. Im very proud of myself.

    my quote on anabolics is- its a personal choice. I could do them but i choose not too. I could be a whole lot bigger with anabolics but id rather do what im doing now. feels better .

  5. Today did legs leg press, strength stayed the same 6 plates each side, squats 225, stiff leg deads 225

    low carb today! good sleep last night. weight 199. my goal is by september 21 to have a sixpack. I exspect to gain some muscle from all this nutrition and supplements, sleep and heavy lifting(for me). i except to be about 205 with a sixpack.maybe in september 200 with a six-pack(possibliy 205)

    above are my pics from yesterday.They were working yesterday. I don't see them showing up as i use IHostPhotos (TM) - Hosting they took like an hour to put them on here . ill have to use another program. ill put them up if i have time.

    does anyone know a good fast picture program?

  6. fix the pics Smeton!


  7. does anyone know a photo upload website that works?

    obviously IHostPhotos (TM) - Hosting doesnt work anymore.

  8. My brother told me i look like a beefed up ectomorphic. Those were his exact words, " beefed up ectomorph" lol

  9. wow small photos, not the best quality either. iNext time i upload pics ill use a different photo hosting site, or i might revise when i have extra time. i tryed If you click on the pic itll show a bigger version.

    strength is increasing in most cases every week. Im loving it!and im losing fat, and gaining muscle. very nice !

    so far this week i did legs, chest , and back i did 10 strait wide pullups today FULL RANGE OF MOTION and am very proud of that record barbell rows-230 4 -6 reps i forget. Today is a refeed day. Tomorrow im taking a rest day from training.Might so some cardio. My legs are so freaking sore. chest is very slighty sore, abs are sore, back i can already feel it.Tomorrow, eating will be low everythign is going very nicely. sleep, nutrition, supplementation, and training.

    Im doing this cut very slowly and thats why its working.

  10. Looking good smeton! What are you using for supplements?

  11. nac , creatine glu(the new kind), taurine, vit c, ast multi, glucosomine,Metabolism precription-RX,once in a while i take phenibut,and cytosport whey protein. Other than that i try to get as much whole food in.

    i just stopped alcar yesterday; although i have 500 bulk grams in powder, i am going to wait for however long i want too to resume taking it-maybe a month or two.

  12. How do you like the Phenibut?

  13. I like it. i took gaba for about two years, everyday. This is a different feeling. There are studies out on it. I don't use phenibut for recreational use, i use it for when i feel my body is taxed from training. I think it helps with cortisol control if a person is under stress. Thats why it was introduced for bodybuilding.I really like it and its benifical if used when you really need it.

  14. low carb, yesterday and day 125 or less. im taking apple cider vineger these next couple days for fatloss. i went on two seperate walks with my dog today. one just now-real long i jogged and one earlier, i walked down the nighborhood.
    i trained shoulders and triceps , strength has gone up, then i went back to do abs. im focused on lower abs, my upper abs and obliques are already built. i just got to build my lower ab muscles. My brother is moving off to mtsu`(middole state tennessee univeristy) to persure his masters degree in math(while teaching college alegbra-hes 23 years old, getting his masters and teachign college albebra at one of the popularist schools in tennesse. his has his own car, own apt(very nice). hes moving away from home and ill miss him. hes the one who takes pictures for me. and has been taking them for 3 plus years. its a must to find a photgrapher that your comfortable with and who knows what their doing. my brother is no expert but i taught him some photo techniques i studied and he refined some of his own taking pictures along the way.

    anyways nutrition , sleep, supplementaion and trainign and good.

    something in the arnold book also it says that the color of your clothing make a huge difference on pics. arnold advises plain colors like brown, or grey.ill take his advice=)

    also he says find out where the trunks(shorts or whatever your wearing) reveal your his assets. example arnold says he couldnt wear his trunks too high or it would make his obliques look fat. on the other hand he says he couldnt wear them too low.

  15. Today biceps. and low carb. i also worked standing for 5 hours. did some light work almost consistenly at work. all is well. I did a lot today . i feel drained , time to kick back, relax, mediatate, and keep them stress levels at bay.

  16. yesterday i did 100 carbs or less with good protein intake, i worked, then relaxed.

    today is low carb also i did back. i started a new rotuine ..week 5 o the max-ot. i weigh 195 and looking leaner.
    Im taking apple cider vineger on these low carb days. my supplements, nutrition as close to as execellent as it can be, sleep is good, training is good.

    did back and biceps today- pulldowns 200 lbs , vbar pulldowns 200 lbs, barbell rows 230 lbs,

    biceps- dumbell curls 50 lbs, and strait bar curls 2 (30)

    i basically only eat carbs around postraining, sometimes before training if my intutition tells me i need xtra energy, the rest of meals are usually just a ton of veggies , whole food protein, and fats.

    Tommorrow is Legs and carb up day. Ill be on my legs for about 5 hours first then ill hit the almighty legs.

    I want to see what my weight is after carb up. Strength will probally go up some after carb-up also.

  17. today is carb up day. ive had about 250-300 carbs so far today and about 3 or 4 meals to go. ill probally hit 500 or 600 carbs. well those are carbs well used...

    I did Quads and Hamd today
    I did squats... did 225 6x's squatting ass to the floor. i went a lil lower than parrell.. did 3 sets of those
    Leg presses 6 plates on each side, close grip leg presses
    stiff leg deads 230 6 x's
    hamstring curls 100 6 x's

    Now im relaxing and did a leg message with bath and body works soap( the cool springs kind with the bumps that are good for massages) i massged them hard.Jay cutler said something in one of his dvd's and he thought getting a deep tissue assisted in stimulating muscle growth. feels extremely good.

    ill do calves later on today

  18. went to the doctor today. 198 lbs. after carb-up today is low carb. I took 4 aakg tablets and 2 ast metabolism prescription rx just now. and im about to hit chest and abs.

    my new rotuine Flat bench, incline db, and something else its on my training papers.

    Ill work lower abs because thats where i did the most work,upper abs and obliques are already visible.

    low carb today 125 carbs or less...i love finding out how my body responds. Good knowledge!

    also ill take apple cider vineger today.

    I still havnt applied the preperation-H gel to my abs. Has anyone applied it? if so did u see results

  19. today shoulders and traps. im on week 5 of max-ot

    standing mil presses 2(40) 6X 2 sets
    seated arnold presses 65 6x 2 sets
    side laterals 35's hand rotated 6x 2 sets

    deadlifts (powerdilfting style) 315 7 x's 2 sets
    db shrugs behind back 105(thats the highest our gym has) 8 x'

    Today is 100 carbs. Im not in a lot of vit c and b-complex. also my normal supplements.

    nutrition is good, sleep is good, training is good, supllementaion is good. My abs are very slowly looking leaner.

    They look the most lean when i wake up. Ill try to get some pictures up soon.

  20. Today was back and bi's. Today is refeed day. taking in 400-500 carbs then im back down to 100 carbs or less.

    My bodyfat is coming off i can actually notice a difference from a month ago. Strength increased on my exercises. nice.

    im losing bodyfat and gaining muscle , and strength, slowly but surely.

  21. low carb today . did legs

    weight 197 looking leaner. I expect to gain a few lbs in addition to dropping fat.

    Strength has improved
    squats 230 4x's - ass actualy touched floor- thats too deep next time ill go parerell
    leg press 650 lbs 2x
    strait leg deads 235-6 or 7 x;s
    lying hamstrong curls 110 7x's
    calves shows off standing calve raises. i usually do calves raises with 600 lbs however im trying shoes off full contraction did them with like 250 .

    did seated calve raises shoes off 3 plates and 25 easy reps

    i meditated for stress levels and it really works for me.

    im not counting but ill do a inventory soon of nurtitrion breakdown. Nutrition is my main focus.

    Tomorrow is chest and abs. Ill try to better last weeks strength as well.

  22. Ill have pix soon.

    Im really starting to get lean. the lower ab area is finally coming off. strength is stronger than a month ago(i keep track) which i was about 5 lbs-7 lbs heavier. i contribute this to the mx-ot training program, spot -on nutrition, keeping stress levels low by meditaing, deep breathing, doign what it takes to keep myself calm and collective , sleeping 8 hours per night, and supplementaion( creatine gluc, nac, taurine, ala, and a good multi,sometimes phenibut for stress levels-very useful tool, metabolsim prescription-RX-pro-thermo) also extra vit c and b-complex)i dont think aakg is doing much of anything,libido wise yeah but other than than virtually not worth ive gained muscle whole losing fat, all anabolic free! Nice!

    also every day is about 100 carbs except for refeed day. Im doing one refeed day a wek at about 400-500 carbs. This is just a guideline. New research shos that low fats impair testostrone levels so i know a lot of people , even jay cutler say to cut out fats howveer im doing it naturally and research says that too low fats decrease testostrone levels. Ill keep fats normal and even on the higher side on these low carb days but at least normal. and that doesnt mean u cant drop fats for a couple days, but dont drop them like 3 days in a row or something. also when i carb up i dnt take in as many fats.

    dont kid yourself nutrition must be your main focus.
    Dorian yates talks about this in on bodybuilding dot com article over at there site right now

    today i did shoulders and traps

    standing mil press 2(40) 6 x's 2 sets
    arnold presses 65 5 or 6 x;s 2 sets
    standing lateral raises 35 7 's 2 sets arms facing downward(like arnold recommends in his book)
    deadlifts :dl: - 315 6 x's , 320 4 x;s
    behind the back shrugs 320 8 reps

    i did 2 sets on every exercise(not including warmup)


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