My Quest for a sixpack

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  1. went to the doctor today. 198 lbs. after carb-up today is low carb. I took 4 aakg tablets and 2 ast metabolism prescription rx just now. and im about to hit chest and abs.

    my new rotuine Flat bench, incline db, and something else its on my training papers.

    Ill work lower abs because thats where i did the most work,upper abs and obliques are already visible.

    low carb today 125 carbs or less...i love finding out how my body responds. Good knowledge!

    also ill take apple cider vineger today.

    I still havnt applied the preperation-H gel to my abs. Has anyone applied it? if so did u see results

  2. today shoulders and traps. im on week 5 of max-ot

    standing mil presses 2(40) 6X 2 sets
    seated arnold presses 65 6x 2 sets
    side laterals 35's hand rotated 6x 2 sets

    deadlifts (powerdilfting style) 315 7 x's 2 sets
    db shrugs behind back 105(thats the highest our gym has) 8 x'

    Today is 100 carbs. Im not in a lot of vit c and b-complex. also my normal supplements.

    nutrition is good, sleep is good, training is good, supllementaion is good. My abs are very slowly looking leaner.

    They look the most lean when i wake up. Ill try to get some pictures up soon.

  3. Today was back and bi's. Today is refeed day. taking in 400-500 carbs then im back down to 100 carbs or less.

    My bodyfat is coming off i can actually notice a difference from a month ago. Strength increased on my exercises. nice.

    im losing bodyfat and gaining muscle , and strength, slowly but surely.

  4. low carb today . did legs

    weight 197 looking leaner. I expect to gain a few lbs in addition to dropping fat.

    Strength has improved
    squats 230 4x's - ass actualy touched floor- thats too deep next time ill go parerell
    leg press 650 lbs 2x
    strait leg deads 235-6 or 7 x;s
    lying hamstrong curls 110 7x's
    calves shows off standing calve raises. i usually do calves raises with 600 lbs however im trying shoes off full contraction did them with like 250 .

    did seated calve raises shoes off 3 plates and 25 easy reps

    i meditated for stress levels and it really works for me.

    im not counting but ill do a inventory soon of nurtitrion breakdown. Nutrition is my main focus.

    Tomorrow is chest and abs. Ill try to better last weeks strength as well.

  5. Ill have pix soon.

    Im really starting to get lean. the lower ab area is finally coming off. strength is stronger than a month ago(i keep track) which i was about 5 lbs-7 lbs heavier. i contribute this to the mx-ot training program, spot -on nutrition, keeping stress levels low by meditaing, deep breathing, doign what it takes to keep myself calm and collective , sleeping 8 hours per night, and supplementaion( creatine gluc, nac, taurine, ala, and a good multi,sometimes phenibut for stress levels-very useful tool, metabolsim prescription-RX-pro-thermo) also extra vit c and b-complex)i dont think aakg is doing much of anything,libido wise yeah but other than than virtually not worth ive gained muscle whole losing fat, all anabolic free! Nice!

    also every day is about 100 carbs except for refeed day. Im doing one refeed day a wek at about 400-500 carbs. This is just a guideline. New research shos that low fats impair testostrone levels so i know a lot of people , even jay cutler say to cut out fats howveer im doing it naturally and research says that too low fats decrease testostrone levels. Ill keep fats normal and even on the higher side on these low carb days but at least normal. and that doesnt mean u cant drop fats for a couple days, but dont drop them like 3 days in a row or something. also when i carb up i dnt take in as many fats.

    dont kid yourself nutrition must be your main focus.
    Dorian yates talks about this in on bodybuilding dot com article over at there site right now

    today i did shoulders and traps

    standing mil press 2(40) 6 x's 2 sets
    arnold presses 65 5 or 6 x;s 2 sets
    standing lateral raises 35 7 's 2 sets arms facing downward(like arnold recommends in his book)
    deadlifts :dl: - 315 6 x's , 320 4 x;s
    behind the back shrugs 320 8 reps

    i did 2 sets on every exercise(not including warmup)

  6. spontaneous nutrition inventory

    meal 1 banana 25 carbs whey shake 40 protein 8 grams flax pol

    meal 2 chicken breast 30 protein,a small peice of a sweet potatoe , squash , broccoli and cooked carrots 20 carbs

    postraining shake 40 protein , 30 carbs

    meal-cooked cajin fish 35 protein, smoked oysters 15 protein 10 fat, 1 peice of wheat bread, 1 tomatoe, and a salad(no dressing) 20 carbs

    meal- chicken breast 35 protein eggs-2 yolk , 1 white- 15 protein 9 grams fat, lima beans 0 carbs

    meal-tuna fish 40 protein, oive oil 15 fats, broccoli 0 carbs

    ill have one more meal and itll be bigger chicken breast with almonds 40 protein 15 fats 0 carbs

    total protein 300 grams
    total carbs 100 grams
    total fats 50
    total calories 2,050

    note- on my protein shake in the morning ill bump the protein up 10 grams to 50.Im using cytosport complete

  7. im getting stronger on most exercises by one rep , every workout,or 2 1/2 on each side usually. sometimes a 5.That tells me im gaining muscle and losing fat. as u can see i am 2 lbs heavier than a week ago and imho less bodyfat. IF you will look at my previous ab shot about 2 weeks ago , on the previous page, look at the one on this page, analyse and compare,if you will.

    whatever im doing is working. Very slowly but very steady results. thats what i like.

    if you analyze this pic and my last pic about 2-3 weeks ago , youll see a lil bit of a change of bodyfat. take a look. Im doing this cut very slowly.To see my pic 2-3 weeks ago, i think its on the pag b4 this one.This pic was taken 9-04-06-labor day

    and this is my plan coming up within the next few weeks intill september 21st.On the 21st im taking a week off from all weight lifting, however i will keep with my low carb lifestyle,might do some cardio if i think itll be benifical for my 6-pack, and ill going to allow myself one cheat meal :burg: (actually im thinojgn chhesse steak sub from country kitchen, hella fries, a favorite chocolate desset-whetaever i want. im looking forward to that,that week off.If i need to improvise my plan, so be it. Feedback is encouaged on my thread, just make sure its not bs or negative-thank you in advance. so this is my plan up intill september 21st.

    1. Nutrition . This is my # 1 priorty. focusing on how much calories im taking in. please give your recommendations, comments, postive feedback because those carb cyling articles whoever posted them are great knowledge. doing carb cyling like one day go as low as 50 carbs for a few days, and do at least one reffeed day a week. eating all clean

    2. Keeping hormones in check- being calm, collective and in control of my emotions , a relaxed state. doign whatever it takes to acheive this. Mediation, deep breathing, sex, visitng loved ones, keeping a postive state of mind, do whatever it takes.taking phenibut, when needed.- whatever it takes. Ill also be taking apple cider vineger at least once a week because it balances pout your ph balance , which make your supplements work 10x's better. also apple cider vineger is good for just about everything.
    3. training- using the most effective exercises max-ot following max-ot. and striving to better another rep each time or increasing the weight.
    4 sleep. getting 8 hours of sleep per night.

  8. Awesome log!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    Awesome log!
    Thanks any recommendations?


    constructive critisim? anything you know of that i can do better?

  10. yesterday was very low carb-like around 50 grams. i felt it too. I took apple cider vineger for ph balance and overall good health. did chest flat incline dumbells 80 6x's weighed dips 45 and 25 full range of motion.

    today is low carb im going to around 100.

    in a lil bit ill do shoulders and traps and include deadlifts.

    onething im focusing on is staying hydrated.

    abs are coming in more the this last pic- esp after this very low carb day. this morning i got and and abs are looking leaner.

    im following my plan. cheers

  11. Your doing well and staying consistant which is very important. I do suggest you try out some USP Labs Rem, it's on sale right now and i picked up a bunch and i gives you a nice deep sleep and supports your thyroid, i find I sweat a fair amount on it at night, but i still get an awesome sleep. Also if your up for it Clenbuterol+Yohimbine HCL (oral). I find that really targets those pain in the ass areas like love handles and gut fat. How are you liking the sesamin? I've yet to try it yet, and i'm doing an all out cut soon.

  12. im taking ast-ss metabolism presciption Rx , it contains l-phen, caffine, green tea , a few other stuff. Thats enough for me. I thought id never take an "upper" however it does aid in supressing appetiate & it amp intensity which equals bigger muscles over prolonged time. This is enough for me.

    I dont take sesamin although i have,for about aa month, it worked. this was 2 years back so i cant say how well it worked because my diet wasnt as good as it is now.

    training is good i weigh 195 but everyone thinks i weigh at least 210 in my home gym. nutrition is good. sleep is good. when im stressed from school work, whatever ill take phenibut1000 mgs , gabas 1000mgs, and 5-htp for sleep, which works nice and the best part NON ADDICTIVE. also i hearL-theanine (250 mgs) is noin addictive and works nicely for a slepe aid, but im only taking these when im stressed or need to go to sleep. DO NOT RELY ON THESE BECAUSE A tolerance will build up.

    yesterday was squats, i went below parrell, which is always better than if your not sure your going parrell, go lower

    leg press nice numbers for me, lunges, stiff legs and calves.

    everythings coming along. today is low carb day. im takign today from training off. i might do soem cardio later
    . Thanks for reading

    well this is an update. i trained chest today. strength stayed the same bench 235 -5x's, incline db- 80lbs 5x's-max-ot style. Yesterday i creatine loaded and today i creatine loaded creatine gluconate . now i only took about 5-10 yesterday and about 6 grams today; although, with creatine gluconate , not as much is nedded as creatine mono. guess what i got on the scale at the gym and i weigh 200 lbs. i havnt weighed 200 lbs over at least a month. i havnt cheated. ive eating all clean and havnt even done a high refeed day. O ive been taking in more water than usual also, this could bee a factor along woith the creatien load. anyways my abs area looks like the above picture, and im 200 lbs. surprised me!

    tommorrow is back and biceps and ill do lower carb, but not real low .100 carbs.

    then the next day-wednesday im taking a day off from weight training. I might do cardio. and this day will be low carb. 50 or less.

    next day is shoulders and traps, with deadlifts, low carb 100,

    next day tris and abs low carb 75 carbs.

    i know what i want to do on these days thats why im not saying exactly 100 carbs but a rough estimate.

    next day saturday itll be low carb like 75 carbs. thats my plan up to saturday. ill decide dunday what i want to do. Nutrition is focus number uno.

  13. Ive been hitting it nicely and bettering my nubers. some of them have been staying the same but for the most part im eithering increasing a rep or so OR increasing the poundage.

    Now i was down to 193 the other day. Btw Abs are just a lil leaner then the last pic , in this thread; therefore im still leaning out, just incredibley slowly. and yes i donotice a difference.=0) I ve been going low carb like 50-100 carbs daily and THATS IT! Yes im proud of my mental discipline and i should be.i did one moderate carb day-like 150 carbs and yesterday maybe 200-250 carbs and wow i look leaner today. That doesnt make sense but the mirror doesnt lie.Ive incorporated coconut oil into my diet, which speeds up thyroid metabolism, ive also incorporated capsaicin , which is effective for fatloss.

    Q: How can I eat to boost my body’s natural production of anabolic hormones?

    A: Surprisingly, there is not a lot of research on this area of nutritional science, so I've had to dig deep and draw on some diverse literature. However, if you've read my previous research articles you'll see I have not been off the mark so far.

    To enhance your body’s own anabolic drive, remember these crucial points:

    • Don't drop your dietary fat intake too low, for too long. Athletes who consume diets ultra-low in fat (below 15% of total calorie content) probably have sub-optimal levels of circulating testosterone.

    • The type of protein you consume is also important. Men who include red meat in their diets have higher concentrations of free (active) testosterone.

    • Effective management of insulin appears to be all-important to prolonging the active life of IGF-1 production. Steady-state insulin levels are required for IGF and growth hormone (GH) to exert their maximum effects on muscle.

    • Once insulin levels are restored they must be kept steady within a narrow physiological range for the rest of the day. If you do not, then that nice squirt of GH and IGF-1 you've produced during training will be short-lived.

    • IGF-1 is produced in a dose-dependant fashion to protein intake. So a high protein intake at all times is critical to IGF-1 production. IGF-1 production is directly correlated to nitrogen balance. So, don’t skip a meal as your IGF production will suffer.

  14. after 3 months of starting my low carb lifestyle i rewarded myself yesterday with a eat whatever i want day, yesterday. Today im bak on low carb .

    This week im taking a week off from weight training. My number one focus is nutrition. im taking a break from supplements ,Im taking my vitamins. I might do some cardio if i want too do a higher carb day, or just do just some cardio in.

    next week i start a new weight training routine, its still max-ot, but with some different exercises. chow

  15. Ok Ive been totally focused on Nutrition. I started my weight training , afetr my week break, and back on supplements. Taurine, Nac, Creatine Gluc(the new kind),and im taking biotest spike..rather than the ast metabolsim prescription RX.
    Routine looks like this: shoulders,forarms
    back and traps
    legs and calves
    chest and abs
    bis and tris
    days off im doing cardio for 30 minutes high intensity.My Nutrition is good and im into the groove.I havtn had time for updated pictures , they be here when i get the chance. Ive been busy. Regardless progress is coming along nicely.Im getting leaner and stronger,bigger muscles, without no abaolics, legal or illegal, it feels good. Credit- MAX-OT Training principals. Nutrition, sleep, keeping relaxing, coll , calm, collected, meditation, and just balancing my life by having fun.

  16. Havnt had time to take pictures; although i havnt strayed and look about the same, mabe somewhat leaner but about the same. Certain days ill look leaner, When i take Apple Cider Vineger, i might look leaner. My nutrition is good. sleep has been good. Training has been going nicely. I took a week break and back into my third week into the groove. I go to the gym 7 days a week. 2 days i do 30 mins of high intensity cardio, 5 days weights. Everything is going nicely and im sticking to this 6 pack, with all the other stuff in life happening. Im taking biotest spike which has subTitume9sp) in it , which is very nice=0). I have my arseal of supplements in using. Nutrition is very focused on, so is sleep, training, each has its on and its like a job to handle each one of these with care. im also taking coconut oil which speeds up metabolism. Intill next time take it easy!

  17. Awesome work Smeton!!

  18. Thanks BV. i STILL USING AST BUT im getting stronger, and abs are about the same. Im have to change something if i want to get good sixpack because if you always did what you always got youll always get what u always have, or something like that.anyways im doing the basics and i yesss some bodyparts i get stronger , and some get weaker, due to the order of exercises, eample for 1 month ill use chest since its everyones favorite, lol, one month ill start off with incline bench press, then the next month ill do flat bench, or heavy dumbell presses. Im always changing it up.but yeah i seem to be getting stronger slowly, and it seems very slowly. Ive uses legal anabolics, mohn and superdrol, in the past, so i have saw my nymbers increase fairly quickly, but patience is a characteric to have. and before i ever used anabolics for like 2 years i wouldnt get stronger than out of nwhere my strength would sore up. My body seems to work that way. Its like going going, nothing, going going, nothing than when i its just not budging, i keep persistanting and finally bam , it happens. can anyone relate?

  19. Turkey-Day,2006:Since ive incorporated cardio into my regime fatloss seems to be going more and i seem to be harder.I train 7 days a week. I do 5 days weights, 2 days high intensity cardio. Ive gotten stronger on basically all exercises, all natural. what is working is Nutrition, Sleeping 8-10 hours, Training heavy , and supplementaion. Multi, Vit c, Nac, Taurine, Ala, Creatine and a good quality wpi. I really think the quality of protein matters. Since i quit cytosport's compelete and started Dymatise Iso-100 i seem to have gooten stronger. and when i stopped america whey's pure wpi , and started cyosport wpc normal stuff strength seemed to decreased, so i dotn know 100% if it is this, but im thinking it plays a factor in strength and size.

    Also i havnt been "releasing" Since i have been withholdong my strength and focus seem to be so much more efficent.These pics were taking On Thanksgiving 2006.

    As you can see im looking harder.At least i think i am since previous pictures.

  20. i tok some more and i might post them if i have time. CPU is slow. Ill be getting DSL soon, which is like twice as fast or more so i can upload pictures faster.

  21. Very nice log and awesome job.Keeping carbs that low is impressive and your physique definately shows your dedication.Keep it up.

    Psid I mention how envious I am right now?

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  22. Thanks MMowry. From your picture you look like you can move some serious weight.

    I have placed an order and got some more Iso-100. Good stuff. I have also purchased, Now's Adam, which looks like it might be not as strong or potent as ASt's Multipro 32x but more organic and free flowing, so overall i think it could be better. Regardless it covers all my needs and i choose it over 32x, at this time. I also bought some bulk powder Llleucine, as i hear this plays a big role in strength and musclesize. Ill be "testing" L-leucine a few weeks and seeing if i make any noticable progress.

    Other than that the previous stuff i mentioned seems to be working. Training Heavy, Sleeping 8-10 hours a night, Nutrition, carb cyclign to an exent, like on more demanding days like Legs taking in more carbs, and less demanding days like cardio taking in less carbs. Other than that everything is going nicely and strength overall has increased. I take Alcar about 3 grams upon awaking, Then Sulb about 400 grams give or take.

    Ive cut out Caffeine, but ill use it if i really want a pep up.

    My goal is to build more muscle, including my abs, my ab muscles have come up since i started training then and im sure theyll continue to, and lose fat intill i have a sixpack. Thats my Physical goal. Slowly but surely seems to work for me. I see progress from the beginning of this thread.

    O well i was going to post a picture of my back right here but imageshack isnt working.

    Some other points. Apple Cider Vinegar is good for almost everything in your system, the benefits are endless, just do a lil research on it and see. Oilive Oil is very good for you, it boost testostrone levels. Coconut oil has had a bad rep in the past but it those fats are good for you and keep you looking young, thats why the people in the islands look so young because they cook and use this stuff all the time. Extra Vit C aids in recovery. i take 2-3 grams daily, a great immmune enhancer. A good multi with all the right amounts are one of the most overlooked things people overlook.Alcar is good for almost everything. Sulb is a mind enhancing with physical performance motor skills, and like goign into your brain with higher mental powers and higher verbal function.Nutrition is key, without this no gains.If you have sinus's capsaicin works. Most importantly your thoughts effect you. The more happy thougghts you have and posiitve youll live longer, make more money, have a beter quality life , be happy than the negative people or the peoipel that have less happy thoughts than you , your be healthier, happier and generally better. So take time to "recharge your battery's" , when you feel you need too. I like to meditate, depe breathe, some NLP stuff, and just create a good life for myself.

  23. I have noticed That when i take a high quality Protein supplement with high amino acid profile THAT MY GAINS INCREASE DRAMATICALLY verses if i have a lower amino acid profile This has cost me years of research and $$ but now i know. Example and im not bashing or promoting any companys , i just use the best quality and best prices i can find, American Whey claims to have a good WPI but look at the amino acid profile for 1 scoop. example the lueicine in 1 scoop of american whey is abotu 1500 mgs , then in one scoop of Dymatise Iso-100 or Ast's VP2 the Leucine, OR ANY OF THE AMINO ACIDS, AND PARTICALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT AMINO ACIDS, in just using Leucine as an example is around 3,000. On Average Thats twice the amount. Always check the amino acid profile. I choose Dymatise because it cost less than vp2 with about the same aa profile. and please if you know a cheaper source please let me kknow. Patrick Arnold is a friend of mine via the net, and he tryed to sell me his company GIANT but i havnt found it at the places i buy my stuff. High Quality matters BIgtime iMHO! and im my expirence i have seen more musclesize and strength gains using high profile amino acids verses not so high profile aa. Cheers

    So my point is that when you have a high amino acid profile you make better gains. I have got my supply of L-leucine. Another dymanize Iso-100, Now's Adam and I might wait ti take the L-leucine because my L-Leucine,amino acid profile is high already from the high amino acid it might not do much. im going to reseach it more. Studies do show that l-Leucine increases strength and muscle, i just dont know the specifics of it. Example, like how many grams exactly is proven because i may already be taking in enough with the aa profile.

  24. Im taking a week off break. All My numbers have increased , while ive lost weight, all or almost all of it bodyfat. This next week im just going to relax, might do some cardio for my cardiovascular system, I had two cheat meals today, whih was the first time ive ate anything but my diet that in about two months. I ate A whole healthy Pizza, but good, in two meals. Anyways My nutrition is staying the same in this week off. IM taking a break from creatine and will start it again hen i start training. Ill still be using ALCAR. Im researching Sulbutamine currently , i ve been taking it a while, but i as far as i know its ok for long term use. Please tell me if it isnt.

    ----- When i start Training again ill have a new routine-- but still max-ot style 4-6 reps. I plan to do a lean bulk. Sure i might gain one or two percent or ten pounds but thats it. I plan on doing this up intill March, when i start cutting in March. I really think this break will do me good and ill come back stronger because everytime i take a week or so break my weights climb higher than before in about the first month then kind of level off, but im always striving to get stronger. To better the last. Also i have revised my postrainign nutrition to 50-75 g dextose, 25-30 whey, 5-15 grams leucine, Nac, taurine, creatine 5-10 g . Then half an hour later a fruit shake , banana's , apples, peaches , pinnaples, etc,50-75 in the blender with 25 whey . then an hour later a sold meal with slower burning carbs 50, like brown rice, lean beef 50 protein, 10 fat. I plan to take in 3,250 calories, give or take. 450 carbs daily, 200 protein, 60 fats. I will keep posting pictures when i have a chance to take them. Itll probally be aorund the holidays before i get a chance to get updated pictures.

    Here are some of my last four week's best Lifts. Strength has particularly improved on the Standing Military press. and weighted pullups.

    Deadlifts 315 7 x's
    Standing Military press 140 lbs -thats 2(45 and 2 1/2) 5 x's
    T-bar rows 4 plates -6 x's
    Incline Bench 210 4 x's
    Weighted pull-ups(not chin-ups) - 30 lbs 6x's. This impresses me
    Cable pushdown's 170 lbs 5 x's
    Dumbell curls 55 lbs -4 x's.
    Squats 225-4 x's .

    This might sound low but ive improved my form, i go at least parrell, if you dont think your going parrell go lower. yes ive gone ass to the floor with this but now ive got the hang of this exercises, finally after four years. I used to squat 405 but i dotn consider it a squat because it was only 3/4 parrell and not all the way parrarrell.

    I expect my weight to increase 5-10 lbs intill March. I also expect my Lifts to go up in Strength. I expect to gain 1-2 % bodyfat. Then in March its a lean -cut time. So basically im staying neutral but a "Lean Bulk". not gaining much fat but just taking in more calories for the goal of added muscle. Its not like im going to bulk up 25 lbs , like i used too. Ill still be lean.

    Thanks for reading~John

  25. Today is Christmas 2006. Merry Christmas! strength has decreased some. This is also my first week back and i expect strength to climb. Especially since im doing a lean bulk. I plan to eat all clean foods taking in more calories. Not to get too techincal but as a guideline 40/40/20. I took some pictures today and im really cut. Also my friends,that see my body,without clothes, have been commenting that I look bigger. Also they say my face looks thinner. Nice. I read an article on AST dot com that says with Strength comes size. If you dont understand this concept then you will fail. Ill go though with the pain. My goal is to stay lean 12% or less, and gain as much strength as i can without the use of anabolics. Sleep is vital! Eight is good. Sometimes i sleep ten but I like to make sure i get Eight all the time. Grant you, one day out of the year isn;t going to hurt but its important for bodybuilding to get Eight hours of sleep. Nutrition , you must know and practice this. Training Heavy weights= Big muscles. Supplements find what works for you. I like Nac, Taurine, a good mult*, Vit c,glucosamine, Sulbutamaine, ALcar, getting samples=), caffiene sometimes,creatine, ala. Apple Cider Vinegar.Get the basics down first and the gains happen.

  26. Great work Smeton!!

  27. Lean bulk is going good. My nutrition is good. Im taking in more calories than previously and ill stop lean bulking March first and start lean cutting. Sleep is generally eight to ten hours per night. Heavy weight. Four to six reps. Generally Max-ot style. Supplementaion is nice. I take Nac, Taurine, for muscle volumization, I creatine load ast method, this is working very well, Multi, Glucosamine,Extra Vit c, I keep getting free samples from companys. Props to Egopharm for the AMP. The Amp is so good its at least as good as Stimulant X. Props to 8ball Nutrition, FSI nutrition, Labrada nutrition,Oxygen Elements plus, Snac, all whom ive been or am currentl testing there products for them. I m testing protein bars, meal replacements, Whey protein, Glutamine, Energizers, the works,all for free. Boy im lucky! lololol

    This video of me posing was recorded today on 1-6-07. This is actually my first recored video of me posing.nice.

  28. Everythings coming along. In getting in my meals. every two too three hours. Im training heavy four days per week. This is my last week of training and I'll be taking a week break.Im getting in High Intensity heavy cardio at least once per week and sometimes more. Usually on the treadmill at 9.0. Or the Incline for my calves. Hugo Rivera , a friend of mine, told me a few years ago that he brought his calves up on incline running machine.(setting the tradmill on the steppest incline). Im eating very good.Im bulking intill march the first. Then cutting starts. Im allowing myself One too Two cheat melas per week. and sometimes ill go a little more cheating.Ill not let myself get pudgy. Im keeping pretty low bodtfay levels. I try to sleep Eight too Ten hour per night. Generally most of the time i get good sleep. If i dont i make sure i do. make sense?=)

    Supplements. Alcar three grams daily, L-leucine-i take a few scoops and mix it in my WPI protein or i take fivetoo fifteen grams and put in in my mouth postraining and just chugg it in one swallow.
    , Sulbutiamine,seems to flow easily.Nows Adam Multi,Ihavn't used Phenibut in a few months but I felt stressed from working hard in my job and i used it today. Pea, 5-htp when i want a relaxed feeling,Vit C, and many samples.Musclegains are coming slowly but surely.

  29. Still leaning bulk and getting stronger and bigger. Nutrition is on. Sleep is on. Trainign is heavy. Recently Have been cutting back on Caffeine because Caffeine might disturb the R.e.m cycle a bit. Anyways Im taking Sulb for learnign purposed and it is working. Also Alcar is working. Im learnign soemthign very important so these can be very effective tools for increase the capacity to store and retain information, esp during times when learning it. Make sense?

    I keep switching rotuines up doing what I think and my Inutution says is best for my body. Will post another Video when I have time to film it.

    A Breif Summary of things that are working
    - Nutrition
    -Training Heavy and continuely process up in weight
    -L-Leucine This seems to be working slowly but surely.
    -Creatine cycling. Three days on , Three days off
    -Multi, Vit C, Glucosamine, Alcar, Sulbutamiane,Nac,Taurine(dont think its required but i stocked up on it so its working keeping muscle volume full)
    - Meditation . Keeping Calm and enjoying life. Having fun, Excitement.
    -Taking a week break every six too eight weeks of training

    Also I 've had a bit of a cold, and have been using L-Glutamine for it. I usually dont use it as a supplement because I didnt notice much from it when taking it but I beleive its partilcarly good to use for the immune system.


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