new pics

  1. new pics

    my back
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  2. Great taper.

  3. Damn bro... nice back.

  4. huge back man, got any front/chest?

  5. looking solid bro, how many cycles under your belt ?


  6. its my third.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by arnold76
    its my third.
    all the best buddy

  8. That’s a hell of a V taper….

  9. lookin thick bro
    keep up the good work

  10. Looking good.

  11. Hey, thats quite a wing spread you got there Dont hurt nobody with those!!!!

  12. lookn wide man, nice taper

  13. whoa

  14. how much do you deadlift, bent over bb row, and overhand palms facing forward pullup?

  15. i just do pull ups with extra weight, (hammer strength) machine pull down bent over bb row, cable pull down ( to front and back)

  16. if you did deads, bent over bb rows, and pull ups your back would be better


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