Chest and back symmetry

  1. Chest and back symmetry

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    I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way i can fix my unsymetric chest and back or just give overall tips on what to work on... I have this bone in my right pec that outlines the inner part of it and makes my right chest look bigger so maybe theres no help idk!

  2. Great symmetry

  3. I don't think it's that your unsymmetrical I think it's how you are built. You probably have narrow clavicles but broad shoulders. I have narrow clavicles which makes it to where my chest grows less wide and more outward if that makes sense. But, if I would say anything just work your chest more and work your back less but don't let your back fall behind. You just need to work on your problem areas until that become strengths.

  4. you should post this in the physique critque thread (and post a chest pic without the shirt blocking your entire chest haha)... prob will get more answers there
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  5. I do not think that you are asymmetrical



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