help determining BF

  1. help determining BF

    whats up yall? I am in need of help determining my bf. what ever info is needed, ill answer.
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  2. we're those shots during a fasted morning after peeing? Or after dinner at the end of the day? Day bloat makes a difference

    I'm guessin 20+. Probly low 20's

  3. thanks for the reply.

    but it was actually here at the end of the day. so you suggest wait til fasted morning, after pee?

  4. Not gonna be 100% accurate but I would say around 24%
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  5. thanks. this is just a starting point. ive obviously not an expienced lifter like most of yall, but I do lift. but I have never seen below 200, unless I was on was on a 9month deployment.....or bootcamp. and I should be able to accomplish such things outside of that type of structure.

  6. I think around 23%
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  7. >20% && 30%<

  8. Good stuff

  9. This might help !

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