Swole's pics

  1. Swole's pics

    Hey fellas, great forum you have here. I'm a pretty active member over at BB4U.com and would like to add my experience to this board as well. Here are my stats:

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 205lb
    Lifting Experience: 4 years

    A few recent pics:

  2. Welcome to AM!
    Glad to have you over here Swole. Lookin' good in those pics.

  3. Welcome......I dont know what your goals are but this is what I think based on your pics. About a
    year ago I had almost this exact same stats....

    HT 5"10
    Weight 203
    Bf 12%

    Like you, I was reasonably cut with some mass. But, for the pass year I have decided to bulk up, now I am....

    Weight 218-220

    My goal is to reach 230 at around 18-20% bf and then cut to 215-220 at 10-12% bf. This is what I suggest for you too. Based on your pics I think you have great potential and this would be obtainable. As for your weaknesses, you look pretty proportional, maybe a little chest work. Traps look good.

  4. Looking excellent Swole.

    Keep at'er

  5. looking good skip....i mean swole!

  6. Thanks the the compliments!

    AHH Chop...we're everywhere!!


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