First Contest Prep, Novice Middleweight at Ronnie Coleman Classic March 31st

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  1. First Contest Prep, Novice Middleweight at Ronnie Coleman Classic March 31st

    I have a large group of friends telling me to go for it so here I am, taking the plunge into my first competition. March 31st I'll be doing the Ronnie Coleman Classic, Novice Middleweight Division (assuming I quit growing and actually make weight!)
    Now to clarify, I am actually doing this prep myself. I can't afford to hire anyone right now so it is solely my knowledge of dieting, training, cardio. However don't let you think I am not open to help! Just don't expect me to have the money to pay for it, so if you are feeling generous please do share

    We'll use this as my beginning pic
    11/11/11 BW225lbs Waist 35.5" (I almost always have abbs/intercostals and lower abb veins, my fat goes to my back)

    12/30/11 BW 206lbs Waist 33" (my previous diet I was force feeding 3500cals a day, 300ish g carb on rest and 400ish g carb on lifting days. Its quite easy to drop 20lbs when you drop your carbs to half that lol)

    Full pump in this pic, just finished training delts/arms/calves

    1/13/2012 BW 198lbs waist 31.75"

    Zero pump however the ac was off in the house so it was a hot 90F and I had just ate some food so the veins were swelling.

    1/18/2012 198.2lbs Waist 31.5" this morning (yeah, weight went up and waist went down, I'm getting tremendously stronger right now as I am leaning up) Temp is about 60F in the house so all the veins get sucked up and go on vacation lol. Zero pump, today is rest day which means it is my day that I am as lazy as humanly possible and pretty much play video games all day

    No those are not posing trunks, they are just some breifs underwear that are ungoldy tooo tight on me now since I have packed on some mass.

  2. 1/19/2012 198lbs 31.5" waist
    Post Chest/Back training, thanks for the pics Louzee

    And here is a fresh out of bed waist pic taken about 15 mins after waking up

  3. In for more updates bro. Looking huge and getting lean!! Nice job!
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  4. Louzee was in camera hound mood yesterday so she took these while I was lifting.

    Pullups Set 1 +25lbs SHOULDER WIDTH

    Pullups Set 2 BW WIDE

    Pullups Set 3 BW NARROW

    Yeah I have to work on my ugly mug and try and keep composure..
    Also I F***d that mostmuscular pose bad, drop the shoulders don't turtle the head!

    1 Handed TBar rows warmup

    She didn't like the lighting drowning me out so she quit after this
    I really like those meadows rows

  5. Lookin sick bro. Im in to follow along.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  6. Got veins?

    1/20/12 BW 198.8lbs (had 1lb steak last night) waist 31.5"

    pic was taken about 20 minutes post leg training.

    10 weeks 1 day out
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  7. The only thing I would say you need really to shell out for is posing class. Its better if you can find someone who does group classes then its alot cheeper. Posing right can mean the difference between really showing your positives or highlighting your negatives if not done right. Those lights are harsh man, I have alot of friends who compete in bodybuilding who all agree posing is important.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!"-me

  8. I have a really good friend who took 3rd at Nationals (first would made him ifbb) that will be helping me with my posing.

  9. Sweet then you got it going now rock that Sh*t
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!"-me

  10. I haven't gone heavy in a while so I wanted to push it today.

    I typically train a bit like a powerlifter, I am usually no heavier than a 3-5 rep max for my first set though, today I was wanting to move something even heavier though

    I am squatting to a 12" tall milk crate, as you can see my socks go up higher than it, so yeah that is about 6" below parallel for me. The green band takes off 90lbs in the bottom position so that is 365 at the crate.

    My lovely Louzee threw this video together for me, isn't she the greatest!

  11. I agree posing will make or break me.

    I was looking back at some older pics where I nailed the poses just right and wow did it make a difference.

    Bw 180lbs

  12. Lookin good bro. You dont have to answer this if you dont want to but are you doing this natty or are you enhanced at all? Regardless your makin nice progress and vascular as ****.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  13. pm'd you bud!

  14. BTW this is my first video to edit, no its not as good as my girls BMCLouzee!

    This is just the first exercise.
    18" Rack Deadlifts
    535x5, 445x7, 345x15 (last 4 were all heart, my lats were TOAST at 11)
    WIDE grip pullups BW x 12, BW x 9, BW x 5
    Dead Stop 1 arm DB Rows 100x10, 100x10, 100x10 (touchNgo this last set)
    Pullovers (didn't notice this is a weak exercise for me, time to work my weakness!)
    65x10 (focus on stretch), 55x10 (focus on stretch), 45x10 (focus on stretch)

  15. Tris/Bis day

  16. Have to practice PRACTICE practice my posing. about to start getting some skin coloring so that should greatly help

  17. Today marks exactly 7 days on diet. We started last Monday. I can't wait to see what next Monday will bring me!

    BW 195lbs this morning, got in a fight with the salt shaker yesterday, Os whooped my ass over the phone again so I have my sodium backed down to a much more respectable level. Its nice getting to eat a bit of food again, I am going to come to love Mondays even though they are leg day :P

  18. Just another good ole back day =)

  19. 8 weeks out 191.6lbs

    Work on that face!!!

    Back and Hams getting much leaner =)

  20. Wow dude you've made some epic strides! Looking good. A few things...

    1) Side chest: don't push your front shoulder down so much and twist your body around more. Try to stand more upright and really puff your chest. Leaning down too far like that makes you lose a lot of width.

    2) Side tri: very similar to side chest. Shoulder BACK and really twist your torso around.

    3) Back poses: tilt your head down ever so slightly. This will bring out a ton of separation in your traps.

  21. Thanks for the tips man

    I'm practicing my poses about 10 mins every day. Getting better but not there yet.
    I just got my posing music in order and next week will start practicing my routine at least 3 days a week


  22. Looking amazing bro. Keep it up. You're making steps in all the right directions. Wish you the best!
    Athletic Xtreme - Are you Xtreme enough?
    -Philippians 4:13-

  23. 2/6/12
    Waist is between 30" - 30.5"
    This pic was taken about 30 mins after my second carb meal for today.

  24. Note on FauxMuscle:
    Gaining weight doesn't necessarily mean gaining muscle*

    I thought I was getting big back in Oct 2011 but all I grew was alot of fauxmuscle. Its funny how alot of water retention and a bit of fat in the right places can make you think your bigger.

    Oct 27 2011 225lbs 36" waist
    Feb 6 2012 190.2lbs 30" waist

    Won't be doing that again!

  25. Looking great James, everytime i see your pics you are noticeably leaner and leaner! Keep it up bud, your motivating me along the way.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns


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